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22nd May 2009, 20:53
In all the goings on today this slipped me by. It's Piero Ferrari's birthday.

Tanti auguri, Piero.

from Ferrari.com

Piero Ferrari’s 64th birthday

Monte Carlo, 22nd May 2009 – Ferrari Vice-chairman Piero Ferrari is about to celebrate his 64th birthday. Although his first thought today went to Formula 1: “Our first objection is to the budget cap, which we don't believe is possible to control," he said. "The second is that it is wrong that a team accepting the budget cap has more freedom and different technical regulations. If we are on the starting grid of a Grand Prix, we have to stay within the same regulations and the same technical specifications.”

“My father started building and selling racing cars. We can’t forget our roots and my father’s passion he brought to this company. Everybody in the Company loves racing, but we want races with clear rules and we want everybody to start from the same point. Same rules for everybody."

Meanwhile in another interview with the Italian press agency ANSA Ferrari said: “This is obviously a very difficult moment and the economy is in trouble; we have to control costs, but I disagree 100% with the way this has been done. The teams already set a good example this year how to reduce costs, without altering the spirit of motorsports.”

According to Piero Ferrari FIA’s proposals for 2010 “aren’t applicable”. “They do not guarantee an adequate control on the set limits. There would be two different weights as well as two different measurements and this is impossible. We need the same rules for everybody.”

The son of the founder of the Prancing Horse alleged an already existing example: “We’ve got an example in the GT Championship, where we have an arbitrary interpretation of the performance-weight relation. This is not how you race on the same level.” According to Ferrari, “also the spectators want clarity”. "There is no stability anymore and people don’t understand. What they and we want are stable technical and motorsports regulations and the same for all the teams.”

22nd May 2009, 21:31
Happy Birthday Piero!

22nd May 2009, 23:07
64th Birthday Today!

Happy Birthday!


23rd May 2009, 07:34

Think it was yesterday.

23rd May 2009, 08:04
Happy Birthday, Piero:wave:wave!

23rd May 2009, 08:51
Many Happey returns Piero :wine