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16th November 2009, 10:36

here s the link, in order to avoid web translator here s the gest of it..

Luca was supposed to take the new California spider, for a spin, with Alonso and Massa as the unsuspecting stars onboard.
As he was waving to the crowd, the car, its driver and its 2010 driver line-up, lined up as passengers ended up in gravel "crashing while wawing" I suppose.
Luca put it in reverse, floored it, literally, so the floor of the car met the sand of the gravel trap.
Driver line-up, tried to push the Boss out of it, but eventually it had to be done with a big yellow JCB, Lewis style...

bye scarletto pimpernello

Ant Raikkonen
16th November 2009, 10:39
:rotfl:rotfl Yeah i saw a picture of that