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24th July 2010, 14:01
McLaren aims to become top F1 brand

By Jonathan Noble Saturday, July 24th 2010, 09:55 GMT

Jenson Button, McLaren, German GPMcLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh wants his outfit to build on the surge of support it has received from fans this year by setting its sights on usurping Ferrari as Formula 1's biggest brand.

Whitmarsh reckons the performance of his Woking-based outfit this year, plus the popularity of its drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, has left his team capturing the fans' hearts more than he has ever known.

And he thinks that the encouragement he took from seeing such support at Silverstone a fortnight ago has left him setting ambitious long-term goals for McLaren.

"We had unprecedented support at the British Grand Prix - at levels I had never seen," said Whitmarsh, speaking in the McLaren Brand Centre in the Hockenheim paddock.

"I drove in on Friday morning from the east side and, as I drove in, I got stopped because they were letting people cross the road. And I was cursing that I was being held up.

"But then after a couple of minutes, I realised that 50 per cent of them were wearing either a McLaren cap or a McLaren shirt and I have never seen anything like that - not just with McLaren.

"The other factor is that I sat there and for about five minutes of letting these people stream by I didn't see a Ferrari cap - which you always used to see even in Britain.

"I have never experienced in 22 years of this team the feeling of support that we are enjoying. I have to say it's largely down to the drivers - from their performance in a car but also their performance out of a car.

"They are both attractive personalities, honest human beings that I think people can relate to. And there is a tremendous feeling. We've had times when we've been performing well, winning races, easily winning championships but we have never felt the support that we've had this year, which is fantastic."

Whitmarsh thinks McLaren can build on its current position, and even overtake Ferrari as the main 'brand' in the F1 pit lane even though he reckons the two outfits are now closer than they have ever been.

"We talk much more affectionately about Ferrari now than we ever have, and I do have a lot of respect for Ferrari as a brand, as a race team and the people that run it.

"But nonetheless for years you saw Ferrari merchandise everywhere around the world, or everywhere around the world in Formula 1 venues, and you've got to say there's considerably less now than I think our own team."

He added: "My opinion is that the biggest brand in Formula 1 today is Ferrari. And I acknowledge and accept it. McLaren I think is the second biggest brand in Formula 1 by a reasonable margin from whoever is the third.

"It might not be even in my career but in 10 years', 20 years' time why can't we be the biggest brand? Twenty years ago that would have sounded ridiculous to say, but I don't think it sounds so ridiculous now. Hopefully in 10 years' time it will sound even more realistic and in 20 years' time we'll have done it.

"But I say that with the utmost affection and respect for Ferrari. I hope incidentally that Ferrari give us a hard time and I'm sure they are saying 'we're the tops in terms of brand and we are going to stay there'."


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24th July 2010, 14:11
Yeah, whatever Martin.
You saw lots of McLaren caps in Silverstone because it was a British track, and you're a British team with 2 British drivers. That picture is not repeated worldwide.
McLaren as the biggest brand? Try telling that to the tifosi at Monza :-P

24th July 2010, 14:21
Everything looks grey in the UK, always. Not because of McLaren. I prefer Ferrari-red everywhere (and Alfa-rosso closely second).

24th July 2010, 14:22
They can hope all they want, it's not going to happen. Good luck to them living in their dream world!

24th July 2010, 14:40
LOL what a idiot, 50% McLaren fans and no Ferrari caps in 5 minutes = McLaren dominance hahahahaha

I await Ferrari's response at Monza.....or maybe we are not that deluded.....

24th July 2010, 14:51

They only lack about 30 years of racing history but everyone can dream a little ;-)

Without wishing to sound racist English fans are famous for jumping on band wagons during the good times when England teams do well, and deserting en mass during the bad. so its NEVER gonna happen :)

24th July 2010, 15:13
Save some dreams on yourself, McLaren. After what your so-called scandal in 2007 and early 2009, do you expect others to believe in your brand? besides you are not where you are now without hanging into other manufacturers; honda, mercedes, bla bla bla...

24th July 2010, 15:14
...that's not to say that Ron Dennis isn't a charismatic figure.


24th July 2010, 15:21
Lately I was actually starting to develop a little bit of respect for Martin Whitmarsh, despite him being the McLaren boss. But that just all went down the drain. That's him showing the typical McLaren arrogance.

What he doesn't get (and never will), is that Ferrari is not about the performance, or the drivers, or the championships. It's beyond all of that!

It's all in the name: Ferrari!

Keep dreaming Martin!

24th July 2010, 15:22
You can't funny mcs, as long as Ferrari exists :)

24th July 2010, 15:28
And then they wonder why people DO NOT like them?:lol

24th July 2010, 15:45
They must think that with a pair of funny videos of their drivers being all happy and funny and buddy-like as per the scripts of their PR department they are going to change the image they have been building for a long time now. Just their behaviour on camera in 2007 wrecked any likeability they had for me, so let's not get started on remembering Alonso's words about them and the rumours that have been circulating abot that year and similar circumstances with other drivers ever since.

And that friendly image is the only thing they could hope to best Ferrari in, because considering heritage, tradition, success, glamour, ... they can't hold a candle to the Scuderia.

24th July 2010, 15:57
This is what I think of when someone mentions McLaren:


24th July 2010, 16:07
He is purely speculating, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
For sure McLaren is taking a much bigger share of the fans, but I do believe that RedBull is a strong contender for market share.

Ferrari is unique and McLaren will never be that, but when talking Marked shares and fan base, it all depends on how the team is doing, and so far this season McLaren is way ahead of us. Lets hope this weekend will give us 2 spots on the podium.

Red Rocket
24th July 2010, 16:43
Look I don't mind Whitmarsh far better improvement than Ronny and let's be honest at present there is a much healthier relationship between Mclaren and Ferrari. As for the brand issue I personally don't care if Ferrari is first in brand recognition or last to me Ferrari will always be Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari created a company not for brand recognition but created a company for racing.

I know here in North America unless you follow F1, Mclaren is not a recognizable name, while Ferrari either one is a F1 follower or not the vast majority of people know what you are talking about.

As for judging popularity by Silverstone it would have been interesting to see if a popular English driver had been behind the wheel of a Ferrari.

24th July 2010, 17:01
To be honest I seen plenty of support for Ferrari at Silverstone anyway, Ferrari have a big fanbase in the UK, while McLaren basically has Lewis only fans :-D

24th July 2010, 17:12
This is what I think of when someone mentions McLaren:

Here's what I think of...


24th July 2010, 17:14

24th July 2010, 17:53




24th July 2010, 18:01
^ says it all Tommy, thanks for that post.

Mclaren so so need wake up. Ferrari is, FERRARI. People love the passion, history and glamour that the Prancing Horse represents. What have Mclaren got????? :Hmm

24th July 2010, 18:18
Nice find there by Tommy :lol

24th July 2010, 18:37

24th July 2010, 18:38
This is what I think of when someone mentions McLaren:


Ha! I get it now. I kept waiting for the photo to load.

24th July 2010, 18:50




:rotfl Good stuff, Tommy! McLaren - OWNED!


24th July 2010, 18:56
This is what I think of when someone mentions McLaren:


When someone mentions McLaren to me I just think of Ron slimy Dennis and all the lies he told!!the 2007 spying scandal!!! let us not forget that Martin Whitmarsh was in on that too!!!! and there's Lewis Hamilton's lies last year. . . . . . McLaren. . . I just can't stand them!!!! which is a shame because apparently Bruce McLaren was a gentleman!!

24th July 2010, 18:56
Macca need to invent some extra history too (not beyond them i'm sure) if they wanna stand a chance :-)

OK, so their distinctive logo is timeless ;-) but they have a way to go in every other aspect :-D

24th July 2010, 19:01
the stupidest thing of all is the fact that Bruce Mclaren - Founder, of Mclaren was infact a KIWI.. so how does Crapmarsh claim Mclaren to be a "British" team?

24th July 2010, 19:26
^ says it all Tommy, thanks for that post.

Mclaren so so need wake up. Ferrari is, FERRARI. People love the passion, history and glamour that the Prancing Horse represents. What have Mclaren got????? :Hmm

Hey, hey... They have this. I present to you super awesome logo!!!!!!!!!!!!!



24th July 2010, 20:17
A bloated flipped Nike logo.

24th July 2010, 20:51
the stupidest thing of all is the fact that Bruce Mclaren - Founder, of Mclaren was infact a KIWI.. so how does Crapmarsh claim Mclaren to be a "British" team?


24th July 2010, 21:01
The logo was actually based on Ron Dennis' trademark lop-sided snear, but it got minimalised after Ron moaned about it.........


24th July 2010, 21:47
^thats about right Stu :lol nice 1

24th July 2010, 23:15
Thanks for the info Stu :)

I all ways believed it was the Ferrari chip on RD's shoulder :-??

25th July 2010, 19:49
I'm not into conspiracy theories. But I've worked out how McLaren plans to achieve this. They've made a deal with FIA to constantly p*ss off Ferrari so that Ferrari has no choice but to leave the sorry excuse for a racing championship. That way, McLaren can become the top brand of a kindergarten F1 racing class. ;-)

25th July 2010, 21:39
sweet then maybe Ferrari will start to get away with bloody murder...and McLaren will be creamed for spitting in public.

25th July 2010, 22:23
I think Martin Witmarsh may need to take his medication, unless he momentarily slipped into a Parallel universe where Mclaren sold more than 5 caps at a GP that was held outside Britain.

Who is he kidding, Mclaren aint even in the same ball park as Ferrari as a brand, Ferrari could not win in F1 for the next 30 years and it would be the team the top drivers would look to Drive for. The only drivers that wanna drive for Mclaren are senna wannabes and even Senna went to Ferrari to say he wanted to finish his career with us.


26th July 2010, 13:17