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9th September 2010, 18:47
Duels in view at the Autosport 1000Km of Silverstone

On Sunday at 11:55 am, 46 race cars will take the start for the last time in 2010. This final promises to be exciting. At 1000Km from the outcome, only one category, LMGT1 has consecrated its champion, Larbre Competition, during the Hungary round.

Everything remains possible! In LMP1, four teams can claim to the title: ORECA Matmut, Signature Plus, Audi Sport Team Joest and Rebellion Racing.

In LMP2, Strakka Racing will continue concentrating their efforts to win. They will have to reckon with RML, current leader in LMP2.

In LMGT2, between Felbermayer and AF Corse, who will win the title? Indeed, the Porsche 997GT3 RSR n77 is in the best position to allow the Felbermayer team to impose itself in LMGT2 but it is followed very closely by the Ferrari F430GT from the Team AF Corse. The raging battle between the two manufacturers will be the talk of the town!

In FLM, there should be a fierce fight for the final victory between the Team DAMS with car n43 and the Team Hope Polevision and its n47.

We shall have to wait until Sunday evening to know the name of the 2010 winner!

9th September 2010, 18:51
LMS Silverstone
The Le Mans Series championship is finishing. This week-end there will be the fifth and last race of 2010 season. As usual AfCorse will line up the three Ferrari F430 with these crews: Bruni/Melo, Alesi/Vilander and Luis Perez Companc/Matias Russo. Despite the excellent results during this first year of the Le Mans Series championship, AF Corse has not many chance to take home the title, even if Alesi, Fisichella and Vilander are well positioned in the total classification, during the season they gained three podiums (third in Paul Ricard and Spa, second in Portimao) and a fourth place. Instead Bruni and Melo have always been distant, they were very unluckily since the beginning of the season. For this last race in Silverstone, the target is to see all three crews on the podium, finishing the season in the best possible way.
Amato Ferrari is trustful because the drivers are fast, the F430 GT2 is very powerful and the Michelin tyres are the best. We just have to wait the first results of the qualifying practice, and of course the race. Remember that the race will be broadcasted live on Eurosport.

9th September 2010, 18:53
A fierce final

The fifth Le Mans Series race will be held on the famous Silverstone track in UK on September 10th, 11th and 12th. A final 2010 event marked by the come back of two major endurance racing teams: Peugeot and Audi.

The Peugeot Total team will put the 908 HDi-FAP Peugeot n1 on the track with an Anglo-French crew. Nicolas Minassian and Anthony Davidson will be eager to offer a new success to the manufacturer after a 1000Km race. On Team Audi Sport's side, two Audi R15 Plus will be taking the start on September Sunday 12th. Dane Tom Kristensen and Scotsman Allan McNish will share the wheel of n7 while n8 will be driven by German Timo Bernhard and Italian Dindo Capello. Absent in Algarve and Hungary, both brands will attempt to prove who is the best on the track.

This final will be the first Intercontinental Le Mans Cup race. For the occasion, some twenty Le Mans Series cars will play a part in this new concept “Made in ACO”.

This final will be the first Intercontinental Le Mans Cup race. For the occasion, some twenty Le Mans Series cars will play a part in this new concept “Made in ACO”.

A final for Le Mans Series, a first for the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup, the Autosport 1000Km of Silverstone promises to be the fiercest race of the season with incredible duels.


9th September 2010, 18:57

look out for this team RML as the stig drives for them sorry i mean Ben Collins;-)

Tommy Erdos
Mike Newton
Ben Collins

10th September 2010, 19:21
Peugeot reveals true pace in P2

By Simon Strang Friday, September 10th 2010, 17:24 GMT

Nicolas Minassian revealed a glimpse of the Peugeot 908 HDi FAP's true potential around the new Silverstone lay-out by lapping more than a second faster than the opposition in the second free practice session for the AUTOSPORT 1000km.

The Frenchman, who watched the #1 Peugeot spin off the track at Farm in the hands of co-driver Anthony Davidson early in the session, waited until near the end of the hour to move ahead of the 'privately'-run Oreca version at the top of the timesheets.

Nicolas Lapierre was second fastest in that multi-coloured #4 car, having proved the pace-setter for much of the session with a 1m45.110s lap.

Allan McNish went third fastest for Audi, improving on his morning time with the R15 TDI to lap at 1m45.789s ahead of his team-mate Rinaldo Capello in the sister car - the pair of them unusually on-track at the same time having been split in to different crews for this event.

Rebellion Racing upheld Lola honours with fifth fastest time for the Andrea Belicchi/Jean-Christophe Boullion machine, while the #009 Aston Martin was sixth quickest.

Olivier Pla was tenth overall in the ASM Ginetta to be top of the LMP2 class, outpacing the Strakka Acura for 0.4s.

Darren Turner, returning to the scene of what could have been a triumph for him in the World GTs earlier this year, set the pace in GT2 along with co-driver Rob Bell in the JMW Aston Martin in what promises to be a fascinating class battle this weekend.

The V8 Vantage was 0.4s quicker than the closest Ferrari, that of AF Corse driven by Jean Alesi, Giancarlo Fisichella and Toni Vilander - which was second quickest in class.

But only just from the #77 Felbermayr Porsche and Jaime Melo in the second AF Corse machine.

Pos Cl Drivers Car Time
01. P1 Davidson/Minassian Peugeot 1m43.935s
02. P1 Lapierre/Sarrazin Peugeot 1m45.110s + 1.175s
03. P1 Kristensen/McNish Audi 1m45.789s + 1.854s
04. P1 Bernhard/Capello Audi 1m46.747s + 2.812s
05. P1 Belicchi/Boullion Lola-Rebellion 1m46.989s + 3.054s
06. P1 Barazi/Hancock/Mucke Aston Martin 1m47.422s + 3.487s
07. P1 Fernandez/Primat/Meyrick Aston Martin 1m48.233s + 4.298s
08. P1 Mansell/Mansell Ginetta-Zytek 1m48.289s + 4.354s
09. P1 Prost/Jani Lola-Rebellion 1m48.292s + 4.357s
10. P2 Amaral/Pla Ginetta-Zytek 1m49.082s + 5.147s
11. P1 Drayson/Cocker Lola-Judd 1m49.435s + 5.500s
12. P2 Leventis/Watts/Kane HPD 1m49.447s + 5.512s
13. P2 Erdos/Newton/Collins Lola-HPD 1m51.092s + 7.157s
14. P2 Ojjeh/Greaves/Ebbesvik Ginetta-Zytek 1m51.287s + 7.352s
15. P1 Ragues/Mailleux/Ickx Lola Aston Martin 1m51.870s + 7.935s
16. P1 Burgess/Mowlem/McMurry Ginetta-Zytek 1m52.037s + 8.102s
17. P2 Case/Babini/Leo Lola-Judd 1m52.455s + 8.520s
18. P2 Moreau/Hein Pescarolo-Judd 1m52.534s + 8.599s
19. P2 Lahaye/Nicolet Pescarolo-Judd 1m54.380s + 10.445s
20. P2 Pirri/Cioci/Perazzini Lola-Judd 1m56.842s + 12.907s
21. P2 Frey/Rostan/Bruneau Radical-Judd 1m57.931s + 13.996s
22. P2 de Pourtales/Ordonez/Kennard Lola-Judd 1m58.125s + 14.190s
23. FLM Kraihamer/De Crem/Delhez FLM ORECA 1m58.361s + 14.426s
24. FLM Pillon/Verdonck/Hollings FLM ORECA 1m58.530s + 14.595s
25. P2 Schell/Da Rocha Courage-ORECA 1m58.642s + 14.707s
26. FLM Firth/Hughes FLM ORECA 1m59.128s + 15.193s
27. P2 Gates/Garofall/Phillips MG Lola-AER 2m01.146s + 17.211s
28. FLM Barlesi/Cicognani/Chalandon FLM ORECA 2m02.263s + 18.328s
29. GT1 Gardel/Goueslard/Rees Saleen 2m02.582s + 18.647s
30. FLM Zacchia/Lombard/Moro FLM ORECA 2m02.954s + 19.019s
31. GT2 Bell/Turner Aston Martin 2m03.891s + 19.956s
32. GT2 Alesi/Fisichella/Vilander Ferrari 2m04.212s + 20.277s
33. GT2 Lieb/Lietz Porsche 2m04.239s + 20.304s
34. GT2 Bruni/Melo Ferrari 2m04.469s + 20.534s
35. GT2 Westbrook/Holzer Porsche 2m04.532s + 20.597s
36. GT2 Companc/Russo Ferrari 2m04.696s + 20.761s
37. GT2 Muller/Werner BMW 2m04.729s + 20.794s
38. GT2 Ragginger/Ried/Dumas Porsche 2m04.745s + 20.810s
39. GT2 Pilet/Narac Porsche 2m04.950s + 21.015s
40. GT2 Kirkaldy/Mullen Ferrari 2m05.290s + 21.355s
41. GT2 Dumbreck/Coronel Spyker 2m06.245s + 22.310s
42. GT2 Ehret/Quaife/Kaffer Ferrari 2m06.868s + 22.933s
43. FLM Kutemann/Basso/Hartshorne FLM ORECA 2m08.253s + 24.318s
44. GT2 Giroix/Goethe Lamborghini 2m12.566s + 28.631s
45. GT2 Farnbacher/Simonsen Ferrari 2m33.573s + 49.638s


10th September 2010, 19:27
should be good race come sunday, it starts on eurosport at 11.30-12.45 and then back on again just after 17.00. Check listings as Live superbikes on and cricket, so may run over in to LMS action :roll hope not

11th September 2010, 08:14
How on earth are the Peugeots over a second quicker than anyone else?! :roll

11th September 2010, 13:23
How on earth are the Peugeots over a second quicker than anyone else?! :roll

not sure mate, hope Audi were holding back :-??

11th September 2010, 18:28
2010/09/11 18:10
Audi on top of the world
Several drivers and teams came head-to-head in four classes in Le Mans Series title decider at Silverstone, but also first round of the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup, and it is still impossible to predict who will triumph, even if today's sunny qualifying session gave the polesitters a leg up.Audi Sport Team Joest's Allan McNish retained the honor of setting the fastest lap time of the Autosport 1,000Km of Silverstone qualifying session, despite some strong competition from Timo Bernhard in thSaturday was a day of surprises in Great-Britain - no Peugeot prototype on the front row, no genuine threat to polesitters Audis, and JMW Motorsport eclipsing the Porsches and the Ferraris in the LMGT2 class. Who are the genuine contenders for victory on Sunday afternoon? May the best teams and drivers win!

11th September 2010, 18:28
Pos Cl Drivers Car Time
1. P1 Kristensen/McNish Audi 1m43.475s +
2. P1 Bernhard/Capello Audi 1m44.012s + 0.537s
3. P1 Davidson/Minassian Peugeot 1m44.489s + 1.014s
4. P1 Lapierre/Sarrazin Peugeot 1m44.510s + 1.035s
5. P1 Belicchi/Boullion Lola-Rebellion 1m45.731s + 2.256s
6. P1 Barazi/Hancock/Mucke Aston Martin 1m45.911s + 2.436s
7. P1 Drayson/Cocker Lola-Judd 1m46.259s + 2.784s
8. P1 Prost/Jani Lola-Rebellion 1m46.451s + 2.976s
9. P1 Ragues/Mailleux/Ickx Lola Aston Martin 1m46.482s + 3.007s
10. P2 Leventis/Watts/Kane HPD 1m46.961s + 3.486s
11. P1 Mansell/Mansell Ginetta-Zytek 1m47.421s + 3.946s
12. P1 Burgess/Mowlem/McMurry Ginetta-Zytek 1m48.509s + 5.034s
13. P2 Amaral/Pla Ginetta-Zytek 1m49.538s + 6.063s
14. P2 Ojjeh/Greaves/Ebbesvik Ginetta-Zytek 1m50.374s + 6.899s
15. P2 Erdos/Newton/Collins Lola-HPD 1m51.221s + 7.746s
16. P2 Lahaye/Nicolet Pescarolo-Judd 1m51.625s + 8.150s
17. P2 Case/Babini/Leo Lola-Judd 1m52.792s + 9.317s
18. P2 Pirri/Cioci/Perazzini Lola-Judd 1m53.365s + 9.890s
19. P2 de Pourtales/Ordonez/Kennard Lola-Judd 1m53.410s + 9.935s
20. P2 Gates/Garofall/Phillips MG Lola-AER 1m54.013s + 10.538s
21. P2 Schell/Da Rocha Courage-ORECA 1m55.674s + 12.199s
22. P2 Frey/Rostan/Bruneau Radical-Judd 1m56.596s + 13.121s
23. FLM Pillon/Verdonck/Hollings FLM ORECA 1m56.968s + 13.493s
24. FLM Zacchia/Lombard/Moro FLM ORECA 1m57.057s + 13.582s
25. FLM Firth/Hughes FLM ORECA 1m57.312s + 13.837s
26. FLM Kraihamer/De Crem/Delhez FLM ORECA 1m57.850s + 14.375s
27. FLM Barlesi/Cicognani/Chalandon FLM ORECA 1m59.443s + 15.968s
28. GT1 Gardel/Goueslard/Rees Saleen 2m02.640s + 19.165s
29. GT2 Bell/Turner Aston Martin 2m03.340s + 19.864s
30. GT2 Alesi/Fisichella/Vilander Ferrari 2m03.499s + 20.024s
31. GT2 Lieb/Lietz Porsche 2m03.643s + 20.168s
32. GT2 Bruni/Melo Ferrari 2m03.728s + 20.253s
33. GT2 Westbrook/Holzer Porsche 2m03.759s + 20.284s
34. GT2 Farnbacher/Simonsen Ferrari 2m03.840s + 20.365s
35. GT2 Ragginger/Ried/Dumas Porsche 2m03.862s + 20.387s
36. GT2 Dumbreck/Coronel Spyker 2m03.877s + 20.402s
37. GT2 Companc/Russo Ferrari 2m04.027s + 20.552s
38. GT2 Muller/Werner BMW 2m04.475s + 21.000s
39. GT2 Pilet/Narac Porsche 2m04.595s + 21.120s
40. GT2 Kirkaldy/Mullen Ferrari 2m04.818s + 21.343s
41. FLM Kutemann/Basso/Hartshorne FLM ORECA 2m05.402s + 21.927s
42. GT2 Ehret/Quaife/Kaffer Ferrari 2m05.481s + 22.006s
43. GT2 Giroix/Goethe Lamborghini 2m08.916s + 25.441s
44. P1 Fernandez/Primat/Meyrick Aston Martin

11th September 2010, 18:48
Davidson unfazed by Audi pace

By Simon Strang Saturday, September 11th 2010, 16:23 GMT

Peugeot driver Anthony Davidson says he is unconcerned by the pace of the Audis at Silverstone, despite the R15 TDI Plus's locking out the front row in qualifying for the AUTOSPORT 1000km.

Davidson's co-driver Nicolas Minassian qualified third, a second behind the pole-winning #7 car of Allan McNish, which came complete with a high-downforce package to the final round of the Le Mans Series this weekend.

But while the French driver spun on his first flying lap and was caught in traffic thereafter. Davidson remains convinced that it will be closer on Sunday and that Peugeot is capable of running as fast as Audi in the race.

"It's the first time we've met them in full downforce, and we have been waiting to see what their speed would be like, and it seems it's very much on our pace," Davidson told AUTOSPORT. "But that's a good thing, because it will make for a very good race.

"But we are not surprised at all at the pace of Audi. Qualifying didn't go our way. But I am certain we could have done that lap time.

"Nic had a spin and after that he didn't get best out of car because of traffic, even his best lap was done in traffic. Silverstone always been a track where you have to maximise your time."

Davidson is racing on the British Grand Prix circuit for the first time since the introduction of the Arrowhead section, and the former Honda F1 driver said he is enjoying the changes.

"I really like it," he said. "I'm still learning it. We are time limited on parts so we are short on laps, so I am still finding my way around it. You don't get many laps to hone your set-up and rhythm in the Le Mans Series."

Asked what his favourite part of the new section was he replied: The Turn 11/12 Abbey high speed chicane. It's the biggest challenge, with the bump going in to it which upsets the balance of the car. It rewards commitment. But it caught me out yesterday which is why I spun."


12th September 2010, 15:47
Davidson leads as McNish retires early

By Simon Strang Sunday, September 12th 2010, 11:55 GMT www.autosport.com

Factory Peugeot driver Anthony Davidson holds a slender lead over Oreca's Nicolas Lapierre as the French manufacturer took an early hold of AUTOSPORT 1000km, following a shock retirement for the pole-sitting #7 Audi in the first half an hour of the race.

Allan McNish made a strong start and led initially before engaging in a hugely enthralling battle with Davidson at the front.

But the Englishman eventually got past on lap nine with a brave move down the inside into Abbey, despite McNish's robust defence, and quickly began to pull away.

Less than ten laps later, and the McNish/Tom Kristensen car was out of the race having exited the arena section very slowly and then trickled down the Wellington straight to a grinding halt.

"We lost drive very early on," said McNish. "It's something we've not had a problem with before so we have got to get the car back before we can really say what it is but it seems to be a mechanical issue.

"It was going to be a fantastic race, Anthony's overtaking manoeuvre was a good one. It was going to be a good battle between all four us, but now it is down to three."

Audi Team Joest's technical director Ralf Juttner speculated: "Sounds like an input shaft or something like that. We have to check the car out but it's a big disappointment for sure."

The Oreca Peugeot inherited second place on the spot, having moved ahead of the #8 Audi driven by Timo Bernhard when the German ran wide and briefly off the track.

Jonny Kane held a comfortable lead in LMP2 for Strakka, while Rob Bell took the lead of GT2 with the Aston Martin before being passed by Toni Vilander's AF Corse Ferrari on lap 11. Jaime Melo was third in the other AF Corse car.

12th September 2010, 15:48
2010/09/12 16:03
Mid race / Full excitement!

At mid-race of the Autosport 1000Km of Silverstone, Nicolas Minassian on Peugeot N1 keeps the lead in front of the sister car run by Oreca and the Audi N8. In LMP2, Team Quifel/ASM drivers are now leading the category in front of OAK Racing n35 and Strakka Racing's 42.

LMGT2 also sees many changes of lead. The Aston Martin N 92 has recovered advantage over the Ferrari N96 and the Porsche N 75. In FLM, this is not the case with Hope Polevision's N47 is still leading the pack

12th September 2010, 18:07
2010/09/12 18:19
1000 Km of Silverstone provisionnal classifications

Pos. N Cat. Team Car Stop
1 1 "LM"P1 Team Peugeot Total Peugeot 908 HDi-FAP 5 170

2 4 "LM"P1 Team Oreca Matmut Peugeot 908 HDi-FAP 5 170

3 8 "LM"P1 Audi Sport Team Joest Audi R15 TDI 6
42 "LM"P2 Strakka Racing HPD ARX - 01 6 160
9 40 "LM"P2 Quifel - ASM Team Ginetta-Zytek 09S 6 160

10 35 "LM"P2 Oak Racing Pescarolo - Judd 5 160
96 "LM"GT2 AF Corse Ferrari F430 GT 4 147
24 75 "LM"GT2 Prospeed Competition Porsche 997 GT3 RSR 4 147
25 92 "LM"GT2 JMW Motorsport Aston Martin V8 Vantage 6 147
40 50 "LM"GT1 Larbre Competition Saleen S7-R 6 131
44 FLM Dams Formula Le Mans - Oreca 09 5 152
15 47 FLM Hope Polevision Racing Formula Le Mans 6 152
17 48 FLM Hope Polevision Racing Formula Le Mans 6 151

12th September 2010, 18:12
Capello: Audi gained vital experience

By Simon Strang Sunday, September 12th 2010, 18:02 GMT

Audi gained 'vital experience' for its upcoming challenge at Petit Le Mans later this month, despite finishing a distant third in the AUTOSPORT 1000km with its new high downforce package, that is the view of Rinaldo Capello.

The Italian, who shared the final step on the podium with co-driver Timo Bernhard, added that while the R15 TDI Plus had been badly affected by understeer during the race, the team had learned important lessons looking ahead to the rest of the year.

"Actually the result we achieved is a good result, the first race with the new aero package," he said. "What is important for me is that today we learned something about the car which can help us improve the car for Petit Le Mans.

"The reason why the car we could not keep the pace with the leaders, was because unfortunately we got an understeering car which we did not expect.

"It made the car less agile in traffic and that was our weakness during the race. It meant we couldn't attack. It was a good car until yesterday and then we started to struggle a little in the warm-up and this problem stayed for the race.

"What is good that we can gain some experience. We will be ready to fight for the win at Petit."

Bernhard added that he believed a change in wind direction may have affected the R15's performance: "I think that came also into play. Especially the new section, the Turn 11 right-hander was quite unguarded so the wind can blow there and we picked up some understeer at Becketts also. I don't know where that came from...

"Small things like that can make a difference."

The sister Audi, driven by Tom Kristensen and Allan McNish retired with a differential failure early in the race, having led initially.

12th September 2010, 18:13
Sarrazin celebrates second LMS title

By Simon Strang Sunday, September 12th 2010, 17:40 GMT

Stephane Sarrazin says he would love the opportunity to win a 'unified' endurance world championship after he was crowned the Le Mans Series champion for the second time.

The Frenchman won the LMS drivers' title the minute Allan McNish and Tom Kristensen retired from the AUTOSPORT 1000km, because he could then not be beaten in the points standings. He went on to finish second in the race with Nicolas Lapierre.

But Sarrazin admitted afterwards that he would have preffered to win a title in a series where the level of the competition remained constant from race-to-race.

"We won all three championships, driver, team and manufacturer so it is very good," he said, "but Audi was not always here, so it's okay, but I am not so excited.

"I would prefer to see one championship for all the endurance races, that should be the dream. One world championship.

"It is good that they are trying to do something with the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup, but we need to push for it."

Sarrazin also paid tribute to Oreca, which took the teams' title: "It's good. I'm very happy, but I am more pleased for Oreca and Peugeot because they have invested a lot in this championship. I am very happy for the team, because it was there main target this weekend. For me the job was already done almost.

"Being two-times champion in the LMS, but to win it for myself feels a bit strange


12th September 2010, 18:16
whooop!!! Another great win for Melo&Bruni, will watch race later as recorded it.
Pos Cl Drivers Car Time/Gap
1. LMP1 Minassian/Davidson Peugeot 5h11m41.835s
2. LMP1 Lapierre/Sarrazin Peugeot + 42.920s
3. LMP1 Bernhard/Capello Audi + 1m46.357s
4. LMP1 Barazi/Hancock/Mucke Lola Aston Martin + 3 laps
5. LMP1 Prost/Jani Lola-Rebellion + 5 laps
6. LMP1 Ragues/Mailleux/Ickx Lola Aston Martin + 6 laps
7. LMP1 Mansell/Mansell Ginetta-Zytek + 9 laps
8. LMP2 Leventis/Watts/Kane HPD + 10 laps
9. LMP2 Amaral/Pla Ginetta-Zytek + 10 laps
10. LMP2 Moreau/Hein Pescarolo-Judd + 10 laps
11. LMP1 Drayson/Cocker Lola-Judd + 13 laps
12. LMP2 Erdos/Newton/Collins Lola HPD + 13 laps
13. LMP2 Case/Babini/Leo Lola-Judd + 17 laps
14. FLM Firth/Hughes FLM ORECA + 18 laps
15. FLM Zacchia/Lombard FLM ORECA + 18 laps
16. LMP2 Lahaye/Nicolet Pescarolo-Judd + 19 laps
17. FLM Pillon/Verdonck/Hollings FLM ORECA + 19 laps
18. LMP2 Pirri/Cioci/Perazzini Lola-Judd + 20 laps
19. LMP2 Ojjeh/Greaves/Ebbesvik Ginetta-Zytek + 20 laps
20. FLM Barlesi/Cicognani/Chalandon FLM ORECA + 21 laps
21. LMP2 Ordonez/de Pourtales/Kennard Lola-Judd + 22 laps
22. LMP1 Burgess/Mowlem/Mcmurry Ginetta-Zytek + 22 laps
23. LMGT2 Bruni/Melo Ferrari + 23 laps
24. LMGT2 Westbrook/Holzer Porsche + 23 laps
25. LMGT2 Bell/Turner Aston Martin + 23 laps
26. LMGT2 Kirkaldy/Mullen Ferrari + 24 laps
27. LMGT2 Lieb/Lietz Porsche + 24 laps
28. LMGT2 Pilet/Narac Porsche + 25 laps
29. LMGT2 Dumbreck/Coronel Spyker + 25 laps
30. LMGT2 Muller/Werner BMW + 25 laps
31. LMGT2 Companc/Russo Ferrari + 25 laps
32. LMGT2 Ragginger/Ried/Dumas Porsche + 25 laps
33. FLM Kraihamer/De Crem/Delhez FLM ORECA + 29 laps
34. LMGT2 Giroix/Goethe Lamborghini + 35 laps
35. LMGT2 Alesi/Fisichella/Vilander Ferrari + 36 laps
36. LMGT2 Ehret/Quaife/Kaffer Ferrari + 36 laps
37. LMP1 Belicchi/Boullion Lola-Rebellion + 37 laps
38. LMGT1 Gardel/Goueslard/Rees Saleen + 39 laps
39. FLM Kutemann/Basso/Hartshorne FLM ORECA + 40 laps
40. LMP2 Frey/Bruneau/Rostan Radical-Judd + 46 laps


LMP2 Gates/Garofall/Phillips MG Lola AER 141 laps
LMP1 Fernandez/Meyrick/Primat Lola Aston Martin 131 laps
LMGT2 Farnbacher/Simonsen Ferrari 44 laps
LMP1 Kristensen/Mcnish Audi 15 laps
LMP2 Schell/Da Rocha Courage-ORECA 2 laps

14th September 2010, 18:37
LMS - Ferrari wins at Silverstone

Maranello, 13 September - At the Silverstone 1000 km, the fifth and final round of the Le Mans Series, success in the GT2 class went to Jaime Melo and Gimmi Bruni, at the wheel of one of the three Ferraris entered by team AF Corse. Having started from fourth on the grid, the impressive pair skilfully worked their way to the front, keeping control until the end of the six-hour race. They came in ahead of the Porsche 997 of Richard Westbrook and Marco Holzer and the Aston Martin V8 of Robert Bell and Darren Turner. Despite an excellent start, the third F430 entrusted to the trio of Giancarlo Fisichella, Jean Alesi and Toni Vilander by the Piacenza-based team finished 12th. That was due to a driveshaft failure that cost the unfortunate team the advantage they'd earned in qualifying.

Ferrari and AF Corse claimed second place in the constructors and teams championship, just as Fisichella, Alesi and Vilander were runners up in the drivers championship. Now we head to the Petit Le Mans of road Atlanta, which is the next round of the International Le Mans Cup 2010, which began here at Silverstone this weekend. It will take place at Braselton, in Georgia (USA) on the weekend of October 3.

14th September 2010, 19:23
I wish they showed this stuff on our TV :-s

8th July 2011, 03:25
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25th July 2011, 13:38
So anyone here going this year?

25th July 2011, 15:03
i love to, but Monza is the same weekend, cannt miss that race.

27th July 2011, 18:50
I wish they showed this stuff on our TV :-s

Me too, some of my fav stuff..