View Full Version : Tyler Hamilton on 60 minutes

3rd June 2011, 08:33
I'm sure some of you watched the 60 minutes program a couple weeks ago.
So TH rode with Lance Armstrong in the TDF from '99 to '01 IIRC.
He alleges he saw Armstrong use EPO.
what do you think? is this just a desperate publicity stunt by Hamilton to get his book published, or is he telling the truth?

3rd June 2011, 18:36
I want to love cycling, but so many (probably the majority) are cheating, so what's the point?

3rd June 2011, 18:55
But could it be that a few of the top cyclists are actually clean? Some things don't seem to add up, which leads me to believe that are definitely some conspiracies out there.
How come Landis for example insisted he was innocent for so long, even made money by doing so (e.g. 'Positively False' book); then out of the blue made a u-turn and said well actually, I was lying, I did cheat. If he was lying the first time, why believe him now? you get the feeling there are a lot of hidden agendas, and even political stakes that go beyond the sport itself.

4th June 2011, 18:17
I believe cycling is now cleaner than ever. That is why the Belgians are doing so well again :lol