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14th September 2011, 12:53
I know few days late, but AF Corse won the GTE Pro class title.

September 11th - Giancarlo Fisichella and Gianmaria Bruni are the champions of the Le Mans Series 2011. The two Italian drivers, on AF Corse s’ Ferrari 458 Italia, won Silverstone race gaining the necessary points to win the championship of the and most important continental championship for GT cars and prototypes. The record comes with a race in advance.

"It’s a fantastic joy winnig the Le Mans Series - Gimmi Bruni says -. We worked hard with the team to improve the eighth place on the starting grid. We done it, we wanted this victory after a very difficult and tought race. It ‘s a great years. "

"The first place in the championship and after the race of Silverstone is the result of a fantastic job from every side,mechanics, engineers and the other team people - Giancarlo Fisichella reinforces -. The car was fast, the pit stops were lightning and everything went according to plan. Winning this championship on my second year of racing with the GT cars is a great satisfaction”.

14th September 2011, 13:17

congratulations Fisi&Bruni and the whole team. Brilliant.

14th September 2011, 13:21
Wow, I didn't realise that, brilliant stuff! The 458 Italia winning the title on its debut season. :clap :ferrarifl

14th September 2011, 16:33
Fantastic news!

14th September 2011, 22:53
YAY Yay yay...Fisi is finally a Champ, n finally in a Ferrari.....Congrats to Ferrari and the drivers...great news....:-D:-D:-D