View Full Version : Briatore on arrival at Ferrari: "It's a rumor, silly"

16th September 2011, 16:34
The possible arrival of Flavio Briatore to Ferrari has been a recurring rumor in recent months, although it should be noted that more outside the areas within the F1 paddock.

In its day, Fernando Alonso shattered the possibility. It was in the Canadian Grand Prix in June: "Flavio Ferrari not needed at all. We're fine as we are and we have the best possible technical, "said the Spaniard.

Briatore is now himself who denies that possibility. "I have no intention of returning to the Formula 1 team manager. Italy is the land of the rumors, and that is why they always bring back my relationship with Ferrari, but it's silly," said the German magazine AutoBild Motorsport.

Changing the subject and as for the picture that is seen in the current championship. Flavio finds that Vettel is the driver that has grown this year. "Is very strong, with the right attitude and reminds me of Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso after having their first title in the pocket. Later they became stronger and safer ".

I would never do the former head of Renault's Fernando in German together with Spanish, "I never want together. That would weaken the teams divided into two halves."


:Hmm LDM says No! He says No!!! Is it a Yes????

16th September 2011, 17:13
I think Flavio pretty much said it when he says that he has no intention to return to F1 as a team manager.

Of course a person's mind may change some day, but at least it confirms that right now, Ferrari has no any intention, any talks or plans to bring Flavio into the team to replace Stefano's place.

ruud king
16th September 2011, 17:17
We dont need that con artist:wave, we have Stefano :clap and he is doing a pretty good job.

18th September 2011, 05:51
As I have said on other threads when this subject comes up, you have more chance of Ferrari giving Ron Dennis the job than Flavio!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And those are pretty long odds for the both of them ;-)