• An email to everyone at TSN from Rob Smedley

    Dear Clair and friends,

    I just wanted to send you all a brief message to thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness in this difficult period for Scuderia Ferrari and in particular Felipe. The donations and sentiments that were passed on by yourselves have really meant a lot. It is a great pleasure for me to know that Felipe has touched the hearts of so many people and moved them enough to act in the way that your Forum has done.

    Felipe is doing great and after his final operation he is really keen to start his fitness training and eventual rehabilitation again. We speak most days and he is really upbeat and wants to follow everything we’re doing here in Europe. He obviously finds it a little difficult not being as active as before but he also knows that the situation is very short term and for once in his life he has to have a little patience! Things here at Ferrari are progressing well for next year and personally I’m very involved with the development of the 2010 car as my personal target is to come back and win the World Championship with Felipe. We will see but obviously we will be counting on your support.

    I will see Felipe next in Brazil and look forward to being able to give him the Brazilian football shirt kindly donated by you all. Regarding the book I will find out exactly what has happened to it as I’m sure it will have gone directly to Sao Paolo. I would like to expressly thank you all too for the charity donations you made to UNICEF and Sands. As you know UNICEF is a charity very close to Felipe’s heart and he is an ambassador for Unicef Worldwide. Sands instead is a charity that is dear to Lucy and I and they were overjoyed to have received your support.

    Once again, I would like all of you to accept my personal thanks and warm wishes for all that you have done. The support of people like you has really helped to pass through a very difficult situation. As the events unfolded in the beginning I personally found the support quite overwhelming. Take care, keep on supporting us and one day hopefully we will be able to repay your kindness.

    Very best regards,