• Felipe puts a smile on the faces of lots of kids

    Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to make people happy, just a gesture, a smile or spending a bit of time is enough for people going through difficult times. This morning, Felipe Massa did just that, after undertaking another sponsor appearance, as he went to a children’s hospital – Hospital das Clinicas di San Paolo, a cutting edge facility, which specialises in treating rare diseases and tumours. Felipe was welcomed by a group of Professors, Magda Maria Sales Carneiro Sampaio, Uenis Tannuri and Vicente Odone, who took him on a tour of part of the Institute.

    “It was a moving experience for me,” said Felipe, as he bid farewell to his hosts. “Seeing how these children deal with their suffering is yet another reminder of what life is really about. All of us who work in Formula 1 need to remain aware of how lucky we are…I wish to congratulate all the doctors who work here, because their commitment is extraordinary.”

    “We are the ones to thank Felipe for the time he spared us,” replied Professor Odone. “It is moments like these that bring joy to our little patients and the family members who help them and it is important that they can come into contact with people who represent life outside the hospital. For us, it was an honour to have Felipe here as our guest and we thank him and Ferrari, who already a few years back visited this facility.”

    The Children’s Institute was established in 1976, bringing together the specialist paediatric departments of the Clinicas della Facolta di Medicina dell’Unversita di San Paolo hospital and covers an area of over 25,000 square metres, providing 213 beds. The use of the latest technology and highly qualified professionals allows for very complex procedures to be carried out, such as the separation of Siamese twins and liver, kidney and bone marrow transplants. In addition the Oncology-Haematology Service offers the very latest treatments for infantile tumours. Further information can be found at www.icr.usp.br.