• *Guide* - Planning a trip to the Monza GP

    Hey Guys,

    Got back from Italy this morning. I've made a detailed guide of travelling, costs, times, accommodation etc. This might come in handy for anyone wanting to plan a trip to the Italian Grand Prix.


    Not all of this information is applicable in every case. This guide follows how I did everything. Only use the information that is applicable to your case. The Milan>Monza stuff should be applicable to everyone. Obviously if someone was to use the same accommodation as I did, more is applicable.

    Milan Travelling, Costs, Times


    •Coach from Leicester to Gatwick T2 (£45)
    •Flight from Gatwick to Malpensa T2 (£55)
    •Bus from MXP T2 to T1 (Free)
    •Train from MXP T1 to Bovisa (€11)
    •Train from Bovisa to Affori (Included in above ticket)
    •Accommodation (OstellOlinda - Website


    •Accommodation (OstellOlinda - Website
    •Train from Affori to Cadorna (€1)
    •Train from Cadorna to MXP T1 (€11)
    •Shuttle Bus from MXP T1 to T2 (White Bus, leaves every 15 minutes) (Free)
    •Flight from MXP T2 to Gatwick (Return ticket)
    •Coach from Gatwick T2 to Leicester (Return ticket)


    Out and about

    Affori to Milan

    •Train from Affori to Cadorna (€1) Leaves every 25 & 55
    •Short walk
    •Metro from Cadorna to Duomo (€1) 3rd stop

    Affori to Monza

    •Train from Affori to Cadorna (€1)
    •Metro from Cadorna to Stazione Centrale (Central Station) (€1) (Line 2, Green, 5th Stop)

    (Following directions are applicable to anyone staying in Milan)

    •Train from Stazione Centrale to Monza (End destination either Lecco or Tirano) (€3)
    •Walk from Monza station to Autodromo (35-40 mins + 15 to track = 55 mins)
    •Shuttle Bus from Monza station to Autodromo (15-20 mins, plus 10-15 min walk to track)



    •Train from Stazione Centrale to Monza doesn't run at 9am. < 8am |•| 10am >
    •Shuttle bus doesn't run on Thursday
    •Shuttle Bus Leaves constantly from Autodromo and Monza Station (Friday>Sunday)
    •15 minute walk from the Shuttle Bus destination to the Track itself.


    Collecting Race Tickets from F1.com (WWTE)

    •Take your passport/Some other identification
    •Take WWTE A4 Ticket sheet (Received trough email)
    •Collection Booth, Vedano Entrance at the circuit


    Food & Drink

    •One meal at track - Sandwich & Drink - €9
    •Supermarket 3 minutes walk from accommodation - cheap. €25~ will get you plenty of food for the 4 track days, far more than at the track. Make your own sandwiches and take them with you.


    From Affori, total transport cost for F1 - Thursday > Sunday (1 Person)

    •First Train - €8
    •Metro - €8
    •Second Train - €24

    Total - €40

    (If your staying in Milan, minus €8 for the First Train)


    Total Costs for 5 day holiday - Wed>Sun

    •Accommodation - £100
    •Coach - £45
    •Race Ticket (General Admission) - £90
    •Flights - £50
    •Transport (Italy) - €40/£38
    •Food & Drink - €15/£13 p/d = £65

    Total - £383

    (Only apply costs that are applicable to your situation)
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