• Stefano Domenicali Profile

    Stefano Domenicali was born in Imola, and he believes that he has always been destined for a career connected with motorsports owing to his place of birth. Domenicali was passionate about Ferrari and motor-racing during his childhood and used to go to the race track on weekends to find work helping out organizers in the paddock and media center in whichever capacity he could. He graduated in business administration and economics from University of Bologna and immediately sent his CV to Ferrari.

    Domenicali landed a job in Ferrari in 1991 minding the fiscal administration business, and simultaneously got a licence to be the clerk of Ferrari’s private track at Mugello. From 92 to 94, he was made race director at Mugello and got further exposure to MotoGP, DTM and other international racing series. He was given control of human resources and sponsors in 95, became team manager in 96 and was made sporting director in 2002.

    Domenicali maintains that he will never work for any team other than Ferrari. “For me, it’s Ferrari and only Ferrari” he says, “It’s something on which I’m complete clear in my own mind, even if the market is interested. I believe it is a personal decision that if I have to work in Formula One, I cannot ask for more than Ferrari”. He is known to be particularly fond of both Jean Todt and Michael Schumacher. Domenicali says his approach to work is “Always remember what you are doing, why you are doing it, and if there is something urgent, do it right away”.

    From the 1st January 2008 Stefano will be taking up the role of Team Principal and Head of the Gestione Sportiva, a role that until now had been held by Ferrari CEO Jean Todt.

    Profile thanks to - MrsBaldo and FerrariFan