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    When Felipe Massa had his terrible accident in Hungary the members of thescuderia.net swung into action. We wanted our driver to know that we were thinking of him and wished him all the best. The forum pulled together as one and it was decided we would raise as much money as possible and send Felipe a personalised Brazil football shirt and a book of well wishes, the rest of the money would be donated to worthy charities.

    The Brazilian shirt was taken care of by Ste who took care of purchasing the shirt and arranging for the custom message to be printed, this was harder than we first assumed due to most shops not willing to do it. But Ste managed to find a place to do it and the shirt was sent to Felipe. Big thanks to Ste for doing this.

    Julie B took care of doing the book, adding in all the pictures and personal messages from those who donated and laying out the book. The book took a fair bit of time to get finished but it was well worth it in the end as the final product looked stunning, this was also sent to Felipe. Many thanks to Julie for doing this.

    The remaining money was donated to UNICEF (£374.36) a charity that Massa is heavily involved in, and also to SANDS UK (£160.43) a charity that is well supported by Rob and Lucy Smedley. We raised a total of £686.05 once again proving that TSN is the best Ferrari community online!

    To view the book you can go - here - or download a PDF - here

    The shirt was given to Felipe by Rob Smedley who sent us this picture of Felipe with the shirt, many thanks to all those who took part in the Felipe fund, all those who donated really did show that this community is the best around.

    We received the following email from Felipe's management regarding the book

    Dear Scuderia.net

    Thank you for your message. Thank you for the book that Felipe have received. He did really appreciate your support. Thank you very much.

    Felipe is now back at 100% and will give his best for the 2010 Championship and for you all.

    Thank you for your passion and support.


    Ste Rumbelow (Ste)
    Con O'Mahony (mustang)
    Julie Brown (JulieB)
    Greig Murray (Ferrari27)
    Jonathan Fenech (WRX202)
    Suzie Drennan (Suzie)
    Alistair Inglis (Alfettafan)
    Andy Vockins (AVockins)
    Sarah Carolan (Sluggie)
    Christopher Mortera (chris.gotfunk)
    Eugene O Connor (Vectra)
    Ben Nothling (beanie88)
    Gemm (RED)
    Boon Leng Ang (ducksick_ang)
    Abdur-Razzaq Al-Haddad (Raz)
    Ellen Whittaker (Schuette)
    Dr WJ Critchley
    Liam Murray (Ferrari157)
    Morne Meyer (Stealth)
    Rebecca Berriman (ferrari_becci)
    Padma Varadharajan (ferrari fan)
    Sian James (Sianellen)
    Tina Menginie (ferraripassion)
    Dorothy McGhie (Deedee)
    Christopher Buenviaje (Rookie)
    Lou (Tifoso)
    Shahid Iqbal (Shahid)
    Omar Imran (MS-Ferrari)
    Lewis McColl (Lewtrino)
    Shah S Afzal (ek583)
    Yasser AlMansour (AzraQ)
    Brett Dixon (distortion)
    Jayne Crowe (Florence)
    Stu Miller (Tifosi)
    Juho (Angelus)
    Hayley Scoffin (Mrs Alonso)
    Sheila M Goodwin (racingbradley)
    Adam Batchelor (F2004)
    Jenny Ray (Testarossa6000)
    Mark Hudson (Hudson77)
    Maria (Ree)
    Jakub Lipko-Lipczynski (512 TR)
    Clair Bussandri (Mrs.Domenicali)
    Rose Austin
    Deanne Tate (RedDragon)
    Israel H Nunez Hernandez (isuraeru)
    James Thackray (JTNero)
    NPT Imaging (I Brake for F1)
    Patrick Mackey (macks)
    Jamie Wheat (zuludemon)
    Koichi Hoshika
    Toby Newman-Taylor (Tobes)
    Chrysostomos Marasinou (tomism0)
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