• coolrunnings_99

    by Published on 13th January 2010 11:31

    At the age of 10 Enzo Ferrari attended Coppa Florio, a car race held in Bologna, Italy. That was in1908 and according to his autobiography "My terrible joys" after that event he was pretty much sure of his life occupation. Next crucial moment in times before Scuderia comes after WW I, when Enzo got turned down by Fiat and was only with the help of a friend Ugo Sivocci that he managed to find employment.

    The company’s name was CMN, and Enzo was working as a test driver. In those days that meant, that you were supposed to enter as many road races as possible, and of course try and win some of them without getting killed. After several years at CMN Enzo switched to mother of Italian autosport, the fabulous Alfa Romeo. ...