• ali355

    by Published on 13th January 2010 11:32
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    They say you should never meet your heroes, as you will only be disappointed. Nothing ever lives up to the hype. For me it couldnt be further from the truth.

    On Friday I was told that the next day, for the princely sum of £20, which would be donated to a charity, I would be getting a ride in a Ferrari F40. Not Just any Ferrari F40, this was an ex Alain Prost Ferrari F40.

    The charity event had all sorts of other automotive Exotica - a new Nissan GTR, Lambo's of assorted colours, a Porsche 911 GT3RS, Aston Martins, Ferrari 348 with a straight through Tubi exhaust, Testa Rossa and 550 Maranello, the list went on and on. But there was only one car I was interested in - the one that is single handedly responsible for my obsession with the house of Maranello.