• 19th March 2012

    by Published on 19th March 2012 19:48
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    It was certainly not the weekend that all Ferrari supporters were expecting – from the men and women who work at the Maranello factory to the millions of tifosi all over the world. Fernando Alonso’s fifth place, into which he put so much effort, was not a result at the high level of the Scuderia’s ambitions and potential. But considering what could have happened it’s clear that the glass is ‘half full’, to quote the words of the Spanish driver on his Twitter account.

    Two fundamental aspects of race operations had a major contribution towards filling up the glass in question: the organisation of the strategy and the pit stops. In these two areas at least, the 2012 season began as the last one finished – even perhaps better. As far as strategy is concerned, yesterday the plan directed by Pat Fry not only ran error-free but it was decisive in allowing Fernando to get ahead first of Rosberg, then Webber. ...