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Thread: Useful info: F1 links

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    Cool Useful info: F1 links

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    If you are android user, best way to keep in touch with all races and their times in your time zone, is to install:

    It will synchronize with your calendar and you can set even alarms for all of for some sessions.

    I am using it, and it is great!

    P.S. I don't know if it exist for iOS

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    F1 live streem

    lately using this one, quite like it -

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    Here's an alternative to looking for links to live F1 coverage. It can get frustrating looking for them and even more frustrating when the link gets shut down and you have to go find a new one ... or at least try to find one.
    Go to this site (Live NetTV). Download the app. There are so many fake app with the same name on the Play Store that you really need to source it through their website. You may need to allow loading apps from sources other than the Play store to get the download.
    Once installed you get about 800 channels from all over the globe, but most importantly you get Sky Sports F1 and not just the UK version, you also get the Sky F1 Italia. Importantly these streams are always available.
    I only watch a few of the 800 channels and, when I have looked as some of the more obscure ones, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. But the main channels seem to work, ie HBO, Showtime, CNN, Fox stuff etc.
    I have good internet at home, but I can also watch on my mobile device using 4G.
    You can watch on any Android device. This means I can, and do cast to any of my TV's at home (as long as the TV is fairly new this option should be available to you. If not, test on your mobile device, if it works on your internet connection then either buy a Google cast device or an el cheapo android box.
    If you want to watch on you PC then install Bluestack first then download and install the same as any other Android device.
    Hope this helps anyone looking for a more permanent solution to the link hunt

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    From jgonzalesm6 (thanks you) :
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