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Thread: Twin-turbo Ferrari Enzo

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    Twin-turbo Ferrari Enzo

    Only days after we talked about this mammoth piece of machinery, the twin-turbo Ferrari Enzo finally made its way to the Bonneville Salt Flats where, predictably, it turned quite a favorable number of heads as it made a couple of test runs.

    If you remember, this particular Enzo actually crashed a few years ago while it was participating in a rally. Not content in seeing his pride and joy go to waste, the car’s owner, Richard Losee, decided to make the most of a bad thing and completely restore his supercar back to its former road-pouncing capabilities. Actually, Losee did more than just restore his Enzo; he went as far as upgrading the car’s already loaded specs, turning it from a 652 horsepower thoroughbred into an 850 horsepower rocket.

    With the Enzo now fully-restored and blasting from all cylinders – 12, actually – Losee went out and brought to the annual Bonneville Speed Week to show off just how far a wrecked supercar can go from a heap into something more powerful than its original incarnation. Sure, it helps to have loads of money to spare, but as evidenced by the twin-turbo Enzo’s run at Bonneville, money shouldn’t be an issue if the car can blast off from the starting block as fast as this supercar did at Bonneville.

    Now his stock 6.0 liter V12 engine produces a staggering 850hp while a standard Enzo
    only produces 651hp. Can we say, "Upgrade?"

    Next to the engine upgrade, this Enzo also gets slimmer tires, an aerodynamics-enhancing carbon-fiber nose, and a lowered suspension. The car’s new nose will help it be aerodynamically stable at speeds of around 300 mph (483 km/h). As of right now, no one has confirmed the turbocharged Enzo’s top speed, but we are thinking it will be plenty higher than the 217mph delivered with a standard Enzo.

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    thats a MONSTER!!!!!!!

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    That is UGLY. This makes me incredibly sad.

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    its very superb

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    I agree, ugly car. ZR Auto here in canada did a twin turbo Enzo with an FXX inspired body kit. Supposedly it has gone 390 kph (242), but I honestly doubt it. This car wont come anywhere close to 300 mph. Also, to be honest I think a 200 bhp increase in power with a twin turbo kit is pretty weak. There are twin turbo Gallardo's with 1000, 1200, even 1500 bhp.


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