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Thread: MILLER: What I'd do as the Powerball winner

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    MILLER: What I'd do as the Powerball winner

    Robin Miller

    The National Powerball jackpot is $1.3 billion heading into Wednesday night's drawing, and that's $806 million (after taxes) to the winner. So I spent Sunday night figuring out how to divvy it up for the betterment of motorsports after I win it.
    In no particular order, I would:

    Purchase the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and make sweeping changes.
    The only rules for the 2017 Indianapolis 500 would be that the car must have at least four wheels, a flat bottom and get no more than 300 gallons of fuel for the race. The purse would be increased to $10 million to win and $1 million to start. The pole position would pay $1 million, and there would be a 50-mile qualifying race for the final three spots because, obviously, there would likely be at least 50 cars going for 33 spots. Each car would be entitled to a maximum of three qualifying attempts, and entry fee would be $10,000.

    There would be no road race in May, no stock car race in July and no silly air race anytime.

    Since the television money for NASCAR is so insanely good, the Brickyard 400 would be moved to Carb Day (after the Pit Stop competition), and shortened to 200 miles in the interest of good taste.

    All Indy 500 seats would be priced from $50 to $125, and parking would be free for the whole month except Race Day, when it would be $10. A special parking lot would be in place for all former drivers, mechanics and owners – who would have free credentials for as long as they live – and they'd be seated in Turn 2 suites on Race Day. Current drivers, owners and team title sponsors would each be given one free motorhome slot.

    lat lepage 150511 IMS 16I'd bulldoze the IMS Museum, build a new one to accommodate all the treasure currently in the basement, and Donald Davidson would give guided tours twice a day.

    Al Unser Jr. would be hired as chief steward, Steve Shunck retained to handle public relations, Pancho Carter would be judge and jury of all protests and Parnelli Jones could drive the pace car whenever he felt like it.

    IMS catering would be done by the Mug 'N Bun.

    A title sponsorship for the race would be sold (likely to John Menard, since he'd be competing again with his own engine) and I'd buy out ABC's contract and put the entire month on NBC.

    The original Last Row Party, complete with insults, cussing and $8 admission, would return to the Indianapolis Press Club.

    Tony Hulman's annual fall dinner to thank the media from all over Indiana for supporting Indy would be reinstated.

    Other expenditures:
    Run a three-car armada in IndyCar with Josef Newgarden, Sage Karam and Conor Daly in the seats, and also run all three in the Chili Bowl.

    Field Indy 500-only entries for Dave Darland, Bryan Clauson, Bobby Santos, Rico Abreu and Sierra Jackson.

    Run Kevin Swindell at Indy, in USAC and wherever else he wants to race.

    Give Bob Rahal enough money to field Ryan Hunter-Reay as Graham's teammate.

    Lease a good Indy 500 ride for Sammy Swindell, who still gasses it at age 60 and deserves to make Indy before he retires.

    Buy out Kyle Larson's contract from Chip Ganassi and run him at the Indy 500 and in the World of Outlaws.

    Spend whatever necessary to expand RACER magazine to a monthly and buy myself a 30-minute TV slot for a bully pulpit with no censoring and a roundtable of Bobby Unser, Bill Simpson and Wally Dallenbach Jr.

    Buy the United States Auto Club and turn it over to Andy Hillenberg, Levi Jones and Davey Hamilton.

    Commission Dan Gurney and All-American Racers to design and build one more Eagle to be driven by J.R. Hildebrand.

    Buy the airtime on NBCSN to bring back Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain on Sunday nights – followed by a half hour with James Hinchcliffe Unfiltered.

    Pay Carl Hungness to restart the Indy 500 Yearbook.

    Buy Greg Staab a new house, get Memo Gidley back on his feet, keep Tony Adamowicz comfortable and set up a trust fund for Justin Wilson's daughters.

    Give Bryan Herta $5 million to help keep his little team going.

    Fly Pelican Joe Leonard back to Indianapolis this May to hang with Uncle Bobby, Parnelli, Mario and A.J.

    Enter a car in the Daytona 500 sponsored by TV evangelist Joel Osteen, cheat to win the pole position and pray to Mike Helton for forgiveness while holding hands with the Waltrip brothers during the FOX pre-race show.
    That should leave a few million for Vegas, football betting and lawsuits.

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    Rob - Doing away with the 5 lug nut tire change to one single central nut.......time saved 2.415789secs......its all about time!

    getting two more pit crew to do a tire change, instead of just having two.......time saved 7.45236secs......its all about time!

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    That sounds like a very good plan. I would try to get my hands on the FXXK and then also build my own racing track :D


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