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    I’m probably going to get yelled at for saying this but here it goes, MAYBE FERRARI SHOULD GET OUT OF FORMULA 1……….for now. I have been watching F1 since I was 10(1977) and reveled in “Schumi’s” consecutive wins in early 2000’s. Hell, I consider myself to be part of the “tifosi” as not only watching F1 but have several OFFICIAL PIT CREW button downs and polo’s(every year is different) from Ferrari. They are official due to the tags along the inside bottom of the shirt along the seam and on one of the tags it says “ not for public sale” and the button downs sponsor patches are sewn front and BACK and sides and the polo’s are also front and BACK but are not sewn. I also have an official Scuderia Ferrari Pit Crew umbrella. All items are exactly like the pics given the year and not this replica crap.

    Look, I get that Ferrai is F1 and the FIA or Bernie pays Ferrari millions just to be in F1 and the history of Ferrari in F1….but maybe todays FIA specs on engines and hybrids(MGU-K and MGU-H) are not Ferrari’s forte. I mean what is this team(aerodynamicists, engineers, strategists) doing or thinking? Ever since Enzo died in ’88 and his famous quote “ Aerodynamics are for people who can’t build engines.” Only to be proven that aero does play an integral and important role in F1. Well, with the way things are going with Ferrari currently maybe we should spin that quote like this, “ efficient engines and hybrids are for people who can’t build engines.” Ferrari in F1 in known for its Columbo V-12’s and V-10’s (F2004…..LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that car and the sound @ 18,500rpm is …..well…..mechanically orchestral…especially when it whines by you and echoes in the distance as it eats up track). Ferrari can’t seem to catch up to RedBull(2010,2011,2012,2013) and these Mercedes guys with their silver arrows (WO5 Hybrid 2014), (WO6 Hybrid 2015), and current W07 Hybrid…..I mean these guys ……THESE GUYS ALREADY HAVE A 15sec. to 20 sec. LEAD ON LAP 10 AND ARE PULLING AWAY…..EVERY SINGLE LAP…..which might as well be a thousand miles in F1 standards. How many times have we seen Lewis(better driver than “Nasty Nico”) come from the back of the pack cuz of grid spot penalties due to gearbox/turbo/MGU-K or MGU-H changes… time they(Mercedes) said since YOUR LAST lets change everything(45 grid spot penalty)…..ONLY TO COME IN SECOND OR THIRD. I was elated when they both took each other out at the Spanish GP…unfortunate as it was and luckily no one got hurt….thinking that Ferrari had a chance ……Max(very talented young driver and his defense on the track..although that move on Kimi at SPA down the kemmel straight was a no no) won that race and made F1 history as the youngest driver to win an F1 race. I hope and pray during the race that the turbo goes or there is a software issue or I hear “ box, box, box Nico (or Lewis) , we have to retire the car.” But at the same time I cringe when I hear in a subtle voice “ okay Lewis, so its strat mode 3” or “ okay Lewis, so it hammer time now”……WHICH ALL THE CRAP MEANS “ OKAY LEWIS, SO ITS BALLS OUT AND FULL AFTERBURNERS!!!!!”……….and I’m like…………….we lost………can’t catch up to them now…….they won.

    Maybe Ferrari should pour all there might in WEC ala “24 heurs of LeMans” and run with the “challenge’s” and “stradale’s” in the GT class….no hybrids there and run the V-12’s. The prototypes are running V-6 turbos with a hybrid system and this one group that has dominated that class consecutively since the introduction of Porsche(German..won 2015,2016)) is running a V-6 twin turbo diesel…..Audi(another german car).

    Its just frustrating….year after year…..its the same thing….this Ferrari Team needs to knuckle up under Maurizio Arrivabene cuz you can see it in Sergio Marchionne eyes what his decision is going to be……cuz know its all about the shareholders since going public.

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    Definately just a misspelling, correction : Soon, Ferrari leading F1!!

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    It all runs in cycles. Ferrari couldn't win much in the late 1980's to early 1990's until Ross Brawn and Shumni came. Ferrari will have their turn back at the top at some point.

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    Ferrari is in the business where they are not just selling fast cars, they are selling a brand name. Ferrari gets to sell their cars with these price tag because it's a Ferrari branded car.

    And right now F1 is still the most popular platform to promote an automobile brand. You just can't get the same exposure in other racing series at the moment.
    I do agree that from a racing perspective, F1 needs a lot of improvements at the moment. But it's still the only auto sporting event that makes the front page news around the world.

    I'd say there's a better change of F1 improving itself, rather than other racing series rising up to the top. So IMO, I still see Ferrari being in F1 for a long time.

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    Let's say in mind for example, that one day Ferrari bosses go to the fia and say "We don't want anymore racing in f1, is too much effort for so little reward, too much money, to much rules, and overloaded corruption for our interest, like deveploving technology and we wan't go to something like endurance racing" That would made a domino-effect collapsing the F1,after that mercedes leaves, next is Mclaren, next Red Bull and Toro rosso, and possibly a lot of other teams (Renault, Hass, Manor, Sauber...) Maybe Williams would remain. And that can really, really be a distaster for the FIA interest, or the shareholders in the f1 tranmission rights.

    Ferrari is the only remain of an grand prix golden age older than F1,when spectators where counted in hundred of thousands all the other manufacturers, Mercedes, Auto-Union, Maserati, Alfa Romeo,Aston-Martin, Lotus, Talbot-Lago, Bugatti, they leaved once or they just never come back.

    F1 itself must change, if everytime they discovered an "illegal" advantadge over the other competitors, it would be preferable to transfeer or liberate technology to other teams, (Williams active suspension, or the BMW water injection) instead of ban it. At the end car makers before entering a motorsports wan't to know if it can really contribute to their interest of making more efficient, or reliable cars, not that everyday they do a new idea has to being banned and erased from the F1 rule book.

    Ferrari IS THE F1


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