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Thread: Ferrari considering Formula E entry Marchionne

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    Question Ferrari considering Formula E entry Marchionne

    Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne has revealed that a potential entry in the FIA Formula E series is on its radar a few years from now.

    Speaking in a teleconference following the announcement of Ferraris Q3 earnings on the New York Stock Exchange, Marchionne said that Ferrari would not consider an entry in the all-electric single-seater series in its current guise.

    However, he confirmed that its participation was possible in future if the technical rules were opened up and the mid-race car-swap concept was dropped.

    I have agonized over with this with my colleagues here in Ferrari for quite a while, said Marchionne of Formula E.

    Im going to give you two answers to the problem. If Formula E today, [as] is currently structured, requires people to change cars during a race because we exhaust the power available within a given car, that is not something that Ferrari would naturally gravitate to.

    Secondly, the standardization associated with the electric car is something which runs against the grain of Ferrari, because otherwise it will prevent [Ferrari] from playing whatever it is that it does technically on a vehicle

    But I think it is possible that [after] some level of maturity that Ferrari would develop [a] unique set of skills that will make that car uniquely Ferrari, in an environment like that, but we are not there today.

    And, secondly, if it were to happen it would happen a few years from now. But its possible.

    Hybridization to become standard

    Speaking on the subject of Ferraris road car powerplants of the near future, Marchionne is a firm believer that hybridization would become a mandatory requirement from 2019.

    Ferrari produced its first hybrid production car, the LaFerrari, in 2013 (pictured above).

    He added: I think we will be using the combination of combustion and electrification to provide unique powertrain combinations that will yield even additional performance on these vehicles.

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    Nothing like joining a dying series...
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    Maybe we will win there.
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    As things evolve let's see if this is pursued in an effort to stay what may then be relevant? As of now? sour raspberries to the little Formula E
    that I've watched - switching cars mid-race just for fresh batteries is pathetic!

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    I don't think Ferrari will fare much better in Formula E either. Mercedes will join in 2018, audi will intensify it's program.

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    Ugh no.. Formula E sucks beyond words.. I get more enjoyment watching lawnmower races.
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    I love FE such a refreshing change from what we have grown used is wheel to wheel close racing where the outcome is unpredictable!!!
    FE embraces new technology and those pitstops are something else!!! and such a refreshing change from predictable F1 bogged down by senseless rules and regulations.
    As for DRS which denies us the spectacle of watching the most skilful drivers make an overtaking manoeuvre.
    I have watched F1 since I was a kid but I am growing tired of the senseless penalties. In Spa we saw one driver get a 55 place grid penalty but he could only serve a 21 place drop!!!. For that he got 3 new engines !!!!!!
    FE at the moment is competitive pure racing. Come on Fiat/Ferrari I cannot wait

    Forza Jules

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    Endurance/ Sports cars please! Not those dreadful 'E' things.. #Toys
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