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Thread: Gene Haas interview about dubious structure of FOM payment

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    Gene Haas interview about dubious structure of FOM payment

    Haas dubious about remodeling prize money structure

    While recognizing some of the system's inadequacies, Gene Haas believes that Formula 1's prize money distribution scheme should remain.

    Liberty Media has hinted at changes it could make to the commercials contracts, which bind the teams to the sport come up for renegotiation in 2020.

    CEO Chase Carey has signaled that the company could cease paying Ferrari its annual $100 million prize money bonus.

    But Gene Haas doesn't believe a change to a more collective-based system is warranted.

    "The top three teams get 70 percent of the money and the bottom seven teams get the other 30 percent," Haas said.

    "Obviously I don't want to be in the back that long, because I'd like to get up front where all the money is.

    "It is ultimately a capitalist type structure, the best get the most money. I don't think racing should be a socialistic type enterprise where everybody deserves to survive.

    "It is something that the people who work hard and finish ahead of you should."

    Haas' Steiner hails 'amazing' new Ferrari engine
    Furthermore, the American says Ferrari deserves the extra cash pay-put it receives in accordance with its historical ties to the sport.

    "To say Ferrari doesn't deserve that Column 3 money, which is because their name is Ferrari... but Ferrari brings an awful lot of customers to these races," Haas told Racer's Chris Medland.

    "So they're just taking a small portion of the ticket sales for themselves, but I won't sit there and say they don't deserve it.

    "If you have a Mercedes or Red Bull, those are the guys that really bring the fans in. I think that they're necessary.

    "We need to be careful that we don't take money away from them to give to a team that maybe doesn't deserve it...

    "Our challenge is to show that we can compete with those guys and I think if we can do that, it gives us an aura of invincibility that I think people will respect."
    Great insight tbh!


    F1 show biz 2016 :
    Toto - "Ferrari are a real threat" .... Nico - "Awesome, everything is just awesome" .....Lulu - "Mental strength man, lifestyle man, I'll drive at 400% as ever man".... and then suddenly a wild Bull out of nowhere slams into a Ferrari.

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    Gene is a smart man & I would think his opinion holds some sway with the new owners.
    Forza Ferrari !
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    He is spot on, but then again he has close ties with Ferrari...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scuderia1967 View Post
    He is spot on, but then again he has close ties with Ferrari...
    Yeah, no surprise in him saying that. In a way, Haas benefits from Ferrari's prize money as well.

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    Try having a race with 3 teams only, see how well will that work out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornet View Post
    Try having a race with 3 teams only, see how well will that work out.
    Agree, I realize Ferrari gets the most of the chunk due to its history and fan base but its not fair for the rest of the field when the team or teams: 1.) gets $100 million up front not to mention the others to get a chunk as well 2.) is/are not performing and winning a WCC 3.) unfair for the back of the field or entry level. Its not fair for the long-term for Formula 1 as a whole. Make it to where the team gets a "bonus" for winning for that year.

    Sidenote and off-topic: GRID SPOT PENALTIES should NOT penalize the driver but the teams. for example 1.) Gearbox change....take off x amount of points from the team (WCC points) 2.) blown turbo - the team 3.) any electrical malfunction - the team gets penalized.....anything having to do with the chassis, electrical, or engine - hybrid PU ----- the team gets penalized.

    Let the driver drive.....crash investigations or not adhering to the VSC or making a pass under VSC or SC while the driver is driving THEN you deduct points for the driver.....thats my $.02.


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