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Thread: Australian GP 2017 - Race thread - Ferrari wins

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPBD View Post
    He must be thinking... "where'd they pull this car from?! Doesn't look like the one I designed!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scuderia1967 View Post
    That makes zero sense. And to make matters clear, Irvine, in what he calls a "weaker car than the McLaren", finished only 2 (TWO!!!) points behind Mika. So yeah, a better driver than him would easily have won
    Makes a lot of sense, Ferrari were heavily invested into Schumacher, they really did not want Eddie to be winning the title before MS did. So are you saying a better driver would have easily won in 97 and 98 as well then, seems like your the one making zero sense Nobody is saying Eddie was brilliant but as I said Ferrari never got behind him to win the title, and the pitstop at Nurburgring LOL
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