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Thread: Bahrain GP 2017 - Race thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marino View Post
    Impressive. Can you do lottery numbers?
    i second that on the lottery numbers....ha, ha...
    ...the new SF70H looks amazing. Let's hope it's gonna be as FAST as it looks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greig View Post
    Let's have a good one I predict 1st for Seb and 4th for Kimi.

    Totus Tuus
    Pace e bene

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    Just watched the race again, can't get bored of seeing Vettel beat the Mercs

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    F1 News - F1 Bahrain GP: 'When you fk up, it's painful' - Hamilton

    Lewis Hamilton made no secret of his disappointment after two setbacks cost him a shot at victory in Sunday's Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix, saying: "When you up, it's painful".

    Hamilton lost a position to Sebastian Vettel off the line, dropping to third for the first stint before receiving a five-second time penalty for impeding Daniel Ricciardo in the pit lane.

    The two setbacks proved crucial in deciding the race as Hamilton finished 6.6 seconds shy of Vettel at the chequered flag, leaving the Briton to settle for second place.

    Hamilton appeared more disappointed with the defeat than he did in Australia last month when he lost out to Vettel on pure pace, with this loss instead being down to his own mistakes.

    "I think over the years nothing changes and I feel pain in my heart," Hamilton said. "People say 'you finished second, you should be happy' but that's not why we exist. If anyone ever thinks a driver, or I, should be happy with second… I don't know what to say, but that's not why we exist.

    "Of course today and when I had the second before, we had a strong good fight and I felt good on the podium, but then you think about certain things. I lost two-tenths from Turn 10 to 11 because DRS didn't engage in qualifying and I lost half a tenth out of the last corner, so I should have easily been on pole.

    "Today, I lost a position at the start – solely my fault – and then you've got the time lost in the pit lane. You practice and practice and practice and practice, but you only have 20 opportunities at this this year, and when you up, it's painful. There's no other way of saying it.

    "When you guys mess up in your job, I don't know how you feel about it, but when it has potentially big consequences you feel gutted as well. I try to handle it the best way I can, but it eats you up a little bit inside and you have just got to end up trying to cope and move forward.

    "In Australia I don't remember it being any massive fault of my own, we just ran out of tyres and had to pit – it was the circumstances we were faced with. But today there were certain things that, if they were perfect, I would have been in a much better position to fight for the win and I didn't put myself in that position."


    now its getting psychological!!!! gotta love it.

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    Even if Ham would have passed Bot at the start Vet would have pushed Bot into Ham or would have risked getting passed by Vet on track or in the pits. I'm thinking two merc's pushing each other would wreck their tires even worse then having a Ferrari behind, Merc was doomed from the start. Vet would have caught up to Ham and pressured him into a mistake or make him run out of tires. Ferrari have the ability to follow better then the others. Ham know's this that's what makes him sad.

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    Seb is using a very clever tactic and playing suberbly to the strength of the car and the weakness of the Merc. Because the Ferrari can follow in the wake, when running in second place, it might as well be joint first. He then pushes the Merc to destroy its tyres and messes with their strategy. The Ferrari has the luxury of better tyre management. This puts him in a position of being able to perform either the undercut or the overcut (whichever is the most suitable option). Ferrari appear to be offering a flexible strategy to Seb and adapting it to the racing needs as opposed to being on a rigid plan. Whilst ever Seb can do that, he can dictate the race from second place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mardyrt View Post
    Its funny, last time out in China, they didnt say that Ferrari was "clearly" the faster car, they just said, Hamilton was just on cruise control!
    Just funny how biased it can be. Its funny, when they want, when its convenient for the Hamilton journalists, to just look at the same situation in China and Bahrain and come to two different conclusions!
    China - Hamilton was on cruise control, that is why Vettel caught Hamilton!
    Bahrain - Hamilton was so much faster, that is why Hamilton caught Vettel!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mizf1 View Post
    Just watched the race again, can't get bored of seeing Vettel beat the Mercs

    I'm going to watch it again as well lol. Fantastic race Ferrari are doing a great job I hope they can keep up the development.

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    testing in progress

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    are there new parts to test?

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    Vettel testing the 2018 pirelli tyres


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