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Thread: 2017 Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix - Practice and Qualifying

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPBD View Post
    Don't be so sure of yourself. Monza is similar to Canada which we could have won if not for Max. Low speed corners tend to suit us. Sure it's a power track, but I'm just saying it's not a foregone conclusion as you claim that we will be terrible.

    Spa I'm unsure. But we weren't terrible there last year with quite a bad car, and a worse engine than now so...

    I just hate people being know it alls (no offence). You don't know how it's going to turn out. And I'm pretty sure Ferrari has a better idea than any of us. So maybe trust that a bit.
    I said that because, mercs planning PU upgrade for spa or Monza.

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    isn't Suzuka similar to silverstone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrarichamp View Post
    isn't Suzuka similar to silverstone?
    Guys I think that tier pressures are more important than track layout

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    Quote Originally Posted by nani_s23 View Post
    Sainz outqualified max in TR.
    Perez outqualified his team mates in FI
    Grosjean has been best in Renault against Kimi
    Hulk too had good season except last year.

    Above drivers can be good no.2 not 1
    Sainz is slower than Max, or else he would be the one in that RBR, this season he has been average at best. Perez is having a hard beating a rookie, and Jenson beat him easily when he had a shot at a top team. Grosjean was easily beaten by Kimi every year at Lotus, but he did have some good races.Hulk is doing a good job at Renault right now, he is doing well but he is up with Palmer, who should not be in F1. Bottas is a good no 2 driver for a top team, maybe Hulk would be too


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