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Thread: Enzo Ferrari died 30 years ago.

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    Enzo Ferrari died 30 years ago.

    The founder died on 14 August 1988

    Enzo Ferrari died 30 years ago, and the Maranello-based company is taking advantage of this occasion to dedicate a few affectionate words to its founder. Ferrari was an unparalleled example of a practical dreamer, a man who created a company from scratch that has become renowned worldwide for its sporting results and its market excellence.

    “If you can imagine it, you can do it”, was one of his favourite mottos. And there is no doubt that Ferrari had an extraordinary ability to make real the ideas that his curious mind focused on in a life that was very intense but also marked by habits and a series of routines that rarely saw him leave Modena and Maranello.

    Enzo Ferrari never took a holiday. Sometimes when he let himself have a half-day in Viserba, on the Adriatic Sea, he popped into the company on his way home, to write down any ideas he may have had, and to check that everything was going well. It was almost as if he needed to give the company and its staff a little pat on the back before bedtime. A strict father, he had a sincere and honest relationship with his employees, to the point that for his 90th birthday, 1700 people dined together in the factory….

    Enzo Ferrari has been physically missing from Ferrari for 30 years, since 14 August 1988, but has never really left, because the people who worked with him transmitted to their colleagues the passion and respect for the work that he saw almost as a vocation. As with the F40 of 1987, the last car personally approved by Enzo, all current Ferraris also capture and show the passion hardwired into their DNA. Ferrari always stands out on the market as well as on the track, because every car that carries the Prancing Horse on its body is still animated by Enzo Ferrari’s dream, a dream that has become reality.

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    A great man, a visionary who founded and managed to create THE most emotive vehicle that has, and will ever exist!
    Never to be forgotten.

    Ferrari Dino.jpg

    Ferrari Enzo.jpg

    2 GREAT of the multitudes of ALL the beauties!

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    I was thinking about starting a thread about it myself but you beat me to it Rob.

    I often think about how Enzo would have viewed and looked upon the evolution of Ferrari had he been alive today? Especially F1 and and the Michael years and success. He would probably be amazed, but not surprised.

    Some classic quotes.

    "The client is not always right".
    "I build engines and attach wheels to them".
    "Aerodynamics are for people who can't build engines".

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    As always, a big 'grazie mille' to Enzo for installing such passion in us Tifosi, I don't believe that any other team has created such emotion. Its history speaks for itself and we will always win or lose together.

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    It was said that Enzo used his production cars to fund his racing cars....he put racing first and the production cars came second.

    I fell in love with both on certain makes and models.....with my favorite era being the 60's and mid 70's.

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    Another interesting point had Enzo lived a few years longer is how he would have acted in 1990 when Senna ran Prost off the track at Suzuka. I think Enzo would have threatened to leave F1 if Senna's WDC would stand, and I think he would have muscled his way in that regard. Senna would have been disqualified in 1990 (like Michael was in 1997) and Prost would have picked up his fourth WDC and Ferrari its 10th WDC. Senna's life would probably have taken a different route and he would not have had his fatal accident in 1994.

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    Schumy tried to run Rubens into a wall . But for a hairs space Rubens said he would have been killed. Not even for a win. Just for the hell of it. No apology, too bad . Senna , Shumy, true champions, I guess?

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    Ferrari are the only team to have competed in every season of F1, since being founded in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari, who remained with his hand on the tiller close to his death at the age of 90 in 1988.

    In a La Stampa column published to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Ferrari's passing,

    Vettel wrote:

    "From the first day I entered Ferrari at the end of 2014, I felt that the spirit of the founder, the spirit of Enzo Ferrari, was present everywhere in Maranello.

    "I was born in 1987, just a year before Enzo Ferrari's death, so naturally I have never been able to meet him in person and today I can only imagine what our meeting would have been like.

    "But I know I really wanted to know him, because I think he was a special person, a man with a vision: and this vision is still present today in the company and in the Scuderia he founded.

    "The people who work here, regardless of their role, feel this presence and work with more passion. This is what makes Ferrari special, which makes Ferrari different from any other team: Ferrari is a myth for everyone.

    "For me it has been since I was a child, and the red car was always my favourite or later, when I followed Schumacher's path with Ferrari. Ferrari is a myth and Ferrari's Formula 1 steering wheels are only two, so I consider it a privilege and an honour to be a Scuderia Ferrari driver."
    hockenheim 2018 / China 2018 : Never forget how quick Ferrari can lose it all, be humble.
    Positivity doesn't win you championships, whining about people being negative makes you blind!
    lol ignore the bitter old cows ;-)

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    Great piece, Rob. Thanks.

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    You want to pay Enzo a tribute? Win both titles.


    Ferrari 16/15
    Totus Tuus


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