I have been a big supporter of Ferrari ever since the Schumacher - Hakkinen days. The thing I love most about the team is obviously the incredible passion, and of course, Michael Schumacher. Few weeks ago I went to the Monza GP and got to witness the celebrations there in all (well, nearly all) its glory. But after the race, and for the rest of my time in Italy, all I could hear on the news was how furious the Ferrari management (Marchionne) was with the team. And yesterday, after seeing the ******** posted on Ferrari's twitter account after the Singapore race, you get the feeling people inside the team are doing everything to cast blame on others...like their seriously afraid or something. Perhaps that was just their Social Media guy acting out on his/her own, but maybe not. Is the team under immense pressure, and I mean unhealthy levels of pressure from Maranello? It often seems that things are more "human" with their competitors like Red Bull and Mercedes. I can't imagine the president of Mercedes going ranting on the radio if Mercedes only managed 3rd ar Hockenheim or something. Can you help me understand?