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Thread: We think you can push: Leclercs radio from his race-ending collision

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    We think you can push: Leclercs radio from his race-ending collision

    Charles Leclerc and Ferrari tried everything they could to stay in the Monaco Grand Prix after he suffered heavy floor damage during the race.

    Leclerc’s collision with Nico Hulkenberg caused a right-rear puncture, and as he returned to the pits the tyre disintegrated, badly damaging his right-rear floor.
    After fitting fresh tyres Leclerc rejoined the back of the pack at the restart. However he lost more time when Robert Kubica and Antonio Giovinazzi collided at Rascasse.

    Back at racing speeds, Leclerc described his car as “undriveable” and said he was worried he would crash. Ferrari tried to reduce the problem by bringing in Leclerc to lower his front wing and shift the aero balance back towards the rear of the car. But as soon as Leclerc tackled the fast Massenet and Casino corners on his out-lap they realised it was in vain and called him in for good.

    His team radio from the race reveals how the drama unfolded.

    To Leclerc: Some rain reported on the last corner.
    Leclerc: (Leclerc hits the wall while trying to pass Hulkenebrg)
    Do I have a puncture?
    To Leclerc: We have a puncture. DB position B and box.
    To Leclerc: Box now, box.
    To Leclerc: (The tyre disintegrates as he approaches Tabac)
    The main thing is to come in.
    To Leclerc: Box now, box, we’ll check the car but everything is fine. Mode race, K2 on. And diff position plus one.
    To Leclerc: Hamilton on the main straight. Hamilton, Bottas, Verstappen coming, now Sebastian.
    To Leclerc: (Vettel is behind him as the approach Massenet)
    Sebastian, let Sebastian by.
    To Leclerc: OK now it’s clear, clear behind.
    To Leclerc: And we need secondary MOD position seven. MOD position seven.
    To Leclerc: (The Safety Car is deployed)
    So we stay out we’ve seen some floor damage. We stay out.
    Leclerc: What is the MOD? Tell me secondary or normal.
    To Leclerc: Secondary MOD position seven. Secondary MOD position seven.
    To Leclerc: (Leclerc passes the Safety Car)
    Slow button on. Slow button on.
    Leclerc: How big is the floor damage?
    To Leclerc: So the rear-right I can see some damage. Also the rear-left. The rear-left is less, the right is a bit more.
    Leclerc: Is it a big thing or not?
    To Leclerc: It is… come back to you.
    To Leclerc: It is quite big on the rear-right, quite big damage on the rear-right.
    Leclerc: I can push, right? I can push, right?
    To Leclerc: We think you can push, yes.
    To Leclerc: But it’s a big part of the floor missing on the rear-right.
    To Leclerc: And we can see aero balance more to the front, around two percent more to the front now.
    To Leclerc: Slow button off and you can catch up the group now.
    Leclerc: You can what?
    To Leclerc: Slow button off, you can push to catch up the group in front.
    Leclerc: The car, to be honest, is undriveable.
    To Leclerc: Copy, understood.
    To Leclerc: So Charles what we can do is stop in the the box and remove front wing, at least four clicks.
    Leclerc: Yeah but I won’t catch the group anyway so I don’t know. Let’s at least try and stay on track otherwise we will get lapped.
    To Leclerc: OK we try and stay on track.
    Leclerc: I try and then we see, if it’s really undriveable there’s no point.
    To Leclerc: Understood.
    To Leclerc: Safety Car in this lap. So reminder K2 on for the restart.
    Leclerc: I don’t know if you see the car data but I’m scared… I’m not scared but I think I will crash to be honest.
    To Leclerc: Understood.
    Leclerc: The car is so tricky.
    To Leclerc: You can select or press K2 on.
    To Leclerc: (The track is briefly blocked as Giovinazzi and Kubica collide)
    Kubica is moving now, backwards.
    Leclerc: Guys we need to stop. I’m so slow. I’m struggling so much.
    To Leclerc: Copy, understood, box now.
    To Leclerc: (Giovinazzi passes Leclerc approaching the Fairmont Hotel hairpin)
    Box now, box.
    Leclerc: Yeah I’m coming.
    To Leclerc: We will change the tyres and we will take off a lot of front wing.
    Leclerc: Yeah but the car is… OK.
    Leclerc: The car is…
    To Leclerc: Let’s try again and if not we’ll try to find another solution. Box now, box.
    Leclerc: (Leclerc enters the pits)
    I’m the first one to not give up but the car is extremely difficult to drive.
    Leclerc: (Leclerc leaves the pits)
    I’m not managing to put any temperature in the tyres.
    To Leclerc: OK, understood, we can see that on data.
    To Leclerc: So now Hamilton, Verstappen, the lead cars at turn 16, 17. Track is clear.
    To Leclerc: (Leclerc accelerates towards Massenet)
    And let us know if it’s slightly better.
    To Leclerc: (Leclerc exits Casino)
    And slow down and box now, box. Slow button on.
    To Leclerc: The leading cars at turn three, turn four.
    Leclerc: Why do we need to box now?
    To Leclerc: So slow down, box. And we will retire now.
    Leclerc: OK.
    To Leclerc: The lead car’s now at turn 10, 11. And box now.
    To Leclerc: Sorry about that.
    To Leclerc: (Leclerc is pushed into the garage)
    There’s quite a lot of damage on the car.
    Leclerc: Yeah I told you it was very difficult to drive. Anyway I’m sorry guys. To be honest… did Hulkenberg get any penalty because he has to leave a car’s space normally, which he didn’t really. But anyway. I’ll get out.
    To Leclerc: Copy.
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    Leclerc & Team tried everything...!! move on Norris & Gros were stunners. Hulk didn't leave enough space & Leclerc was too eager to make it count.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nani_s23 View Post
    Leclerc & Team tried everything...!! move on Norris & Gros were stunners. Hulk didn't leave enough space & Leclerc was too eager to make it count.
    You need to read what you have on all your posts, as Schumy always believed, "Keep fighting even when there's only a slightest chance !!" Thinking he's "Too eager" is not the way of champions. Go for it always, try for the Max..imum points.


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