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Thread: 2019 FrenchGP: Race

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    Quote Originally Posted by wisepie View Post
    Just referring to your last paragraph, I was not happy with Seb when he won at Silverstone last year and on the cooling down lap made a similar remark about winning on Mercedes and Hamilton's home turf, so no surprise that Merc wanted to rub it in at Monza. Both were stupid remarks and Seb's came back to bite him.
    The difference is Vettel made a comment on the radio, while Mercedes, the team, ordered their drivers to finish in formation in an attempt to deliberately demoralise the team and fans.

    I guess it worked or back-fired as the crowds chanted buffone, clown, when Hamilton was on the podium.

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    [QUOTE=JPZ;1011667]And it says the 'average viewer age is 40'. Basically, all the old fans who are still hanging onto the sport.

    Without a younger audience, it's also basically a dying sport.

    As some have mentioned before, besides Mercedes dominance, Hamilton outside of the UK, is simply not a popular or well-liked champion. Mercedes has a relatively small fanbase as well and their team and management come across as arrogant and not likeable.

    In pro-wrestling they say a champion is as good as his draw, the amount of viewers he can attract, in that sense, Hamilton is a weak champion. And that's exuding the lack of opposition he's been up against compared to Senna, Prost, Schumacher etc.

    What drivers did Schumy, Prost and Ayrton go up against that had 4DWC ? As far as fans watching F-1; I would think there is still a strong showing if not just to watch and hope Lewis and Merc get beat. Every team has a fan base and none of those fans want Lewis to win . The races are great.


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