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Thread: 2019 Brasilian GP RACE

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    Quote Originally Posted by nani_s23 View Post
    Thank you for the support.
    But what I donít understand the logic is based on join date on top right corner few of them are deciding whoís fan boy a member is. Seriously this is something beyond assumption.

    I was not able to restrict myself in not posting any comment here. It shows how much Iím addicted to this forum.
    Anyways thanks for lovely post.

    I can tell you that if anybody tells me i'm a fan boy of either driver , i'll tell them where to go! I'm a Ferrari fan since '79. I've got memorabilia that a lot of people would die to have! Saying all this, I can choose whom i like and in an instant criticize who i feel deserves it ( driver wise )

    Glad you've decided to stay!!! Hope to read more posts from you going forward.

    Have a cool day
    Drive it like you stole it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nani_s23 View Post
    I couldnít resist, came back
    Iíve understood that I should limit myself. Thank you for the support.

    Forza Scuderia, Forza Seb & Charles

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    Seb statistic, he is the third most succesful driver in the new modern era (2015-2019) beside Lewis, Rosberg in this! Its not that bad, he is still fast.
    But every man has his weakness.

    Forza Ferrari!!!!!


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