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Thread: 2021 Grand Prix of Qatar - Practice & Qualifying

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyRizza View Post
    unfortunately looks like this is the year that schumi's record is broken :(
    Quote Originally Posted by nani_s23 View Post
    Yes unfortunately.
    He thoroughly deserves it. He fought on track
    If it was'nt for Baku, Silverstone, and Hungary, the WDC title would have already been decided.
    It's not how start but how you finish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgonzalesm6 View Post
    I would think a driver doing over 160mph at a night track would have a better response time to double yellows IF THE SCREENS WERE LIT UP WITH DOULBE YELLOWS TO INCLUDE THE WARNING LIGHTS ON THE STEERING WHEEL.
    They are well capable of spotting flags being waved.
    Forza Ferrari

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    Max cracks under pressure thats the difference.Hats of to Lewis he has max in his sites now. Max and Lewis could be all square going into last race. MAX must win the next race or place better than Hamilton to avoid this scenario then trust his car survives any mishaps. LEWIS is more or less in the same boat.


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