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Thread: 2021 UAE Grand Prix (The Title Decider) - Practice and Qualifying

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    Mercs engine is the real deal..for races in Brazil, Qatar and Jeddah they could run a higher downforce and not lose much on the straights. Here though at Abu Dhabi they seem to be losing a bit because red bull have gone for a skinny wing but still able to maintain the grip required in S3.

    Either way Max is another level (our Charles I believe could give him a run for his money if he had a similar car), that lap at Jeddah was Senna esque and even though he binned it he was right on the edge. Again here when the margins are decided by a driver Max is the one finding the limits. He would absolutely annilhate Lewis in a mercedes. 8 tenths clear of Perez is mad.

    For our boys, let's make Bottas life as difficult as possible, Charles was lapping in and around his time the last few GP's and we can make a a good start on the softer compounds. A good opportunity for a podium here and finish on a good note before 2022.

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    Of the last 3 races Hamilton has used his new engine only on 2 of them. So it’s the 3rd time on this GP…..his p2 performance with medium tyre before anyone put soft was 7tenths faster than anyone else. Seriously i don’t know how max will keep him behind on the long straight.

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    No race thread yet ?


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