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Thread: How Sainz Changed the Perception of Ferrari Going into 2022

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    How Sainz Changed the Perception of Ferrari Going into 2022

    P.S: Before anyone gets into the club of "Carlos versus Charles", I would say watch this video and understand what it is trying to say.
    This video is about how Carlos helped Ferrari re-invent its image and prove that they are on the path of progress, unlike those previous years dogged with negativity and calling for boss's head. Yes, it was unfortunate that Charles has a bad season for mistakes he didn't commit, but we all know he is super talented. Give him a good car and he will give you results. 2019 is a testament to this.
    What do you guys think?

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    Bernie seems to think Sainz edged out the pseudo #1 Leclerc for 2021. Leclerc was leading Sainz until the USGP where Sainz tied Leclerc in points.
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    Valid points made here and there has been plenty of debate on TSN and elsewhere as to who had the better season in 2021. Points-wise it was Carlos but only towards the end, and criticism has followed Charles since Carlos appeared to have eclipsed him. We have two very strong drivers who work well together and both could make a WDC challenge in 2022 if the car performs, but constant criticism of Charles is unfair. Charles made a few mistakes and Carlos also had a few crashes in practice, strategy blunders and SC interventions ruined races for Charles but helped Carlos. After all, despite the podiums, Carlos only just beat Charles (and Lando!) in the points table. I will support them both, whatever happens!
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    Performance-wise, Leclerc was about 30-40 points ahead of Sainz this season but was just unlucky with being hit in the back at Hungary, red flags in the wrong moments and Hamilton not receiving an adequate penalty in Britain. The closer to midfield you get, the harder it is to gague drivers from points scored alone because funny races do happen. Not knocking Sainz here, but in Imola, Portugal, Spain, Azerbaijan, Britain, Netherlands and the USA they played in different divisions.

    Then again, it's the performance when you have a title-winning car that matters in public perception. Few people will remember Button defeating Hamilton fair and square in 2011, but much more will remember Rosberg outscoring him for the title five years later. If we would have a title-winning car, I just can't see that it's not Leclerc who delivers in that scenario, just like Hamilton would have at McLaren if the car had been fast enough. In fact, as a duo, they remind me a lot of Hamilton/Button in that one is super fast and the other is very consistent like clockwork. It's just very rare that you find someone being able to do both things like Alonso during his years for us.

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    As always in this case, Sainz brought his knowledge from his former team (references, working process, and maybe some technical undertstanding). Maranello does not benefit from the technician's conversation exchanges existing in England. This is a disadvantage partly corrected by hiring people from other teams (they hired 20 new engineers for the 2022 project)
    As for Charles, he also lost points trying to get a win for the team and the fans at times when it was almost possible. Also, Carlos would have a lot less points if Charles had took those he messed. Carlos mainly focused on his own classification, working hard. Now, Charles must be frustrated a bit by the not-so-fair comments and might want to work things out next year. But i notice that these comments went from opposition and Bernie, people who doesn't want Ferrari on top.
    On my side i think that Sainz is an excellent driver, but Charles could have the little bit more
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