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Thread: 2022 Emilia Romagna (Imola) GP - Race Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by faloupas View Post
    I think that many fans as me and King Charles ,after all these years of bad results have lost their faith in the team.
    We see Red Bull fight back and turn things around and we want to believe that after one race or two we will be again infront of them...but we just have not faith.We dont believe that it will happen.
    In 2017 Seb after Hungarian Grand Prix was 14 points infront of Hamilton...and we know how it ended.
    In 2018 Seb was 8 points in front of Hamilton after British Grand Prix and we know how it ended.
    Many of us believed that this year it is our year.But you cannot win a championship with your presentation car.Even if that was the F2004...maybe Mercedes W05 was so good...
    Ok..we have a good car but it is still the presentation car.Ferrari now has to push...if not now when?
    Remember how many new parts Mercedes used during the seasons.
    Also lets see some small details...if Max had at least finish the race in Bahrain and Aus now he would be in front of Charles.Isn it a reality?
    As for the drivers,Charles has not the mentality to be a champion now...i dont know about the future but at the moment Max is stonger.Charles is a pure talent but we all know that talent is not enough.It seems that pressure makes him make mistakes.
    Carlos has the same issue.Pressure makes him make mistakes.He has a bad season until now.At least he has to start finish the races.
    Thing is, for many tifosi like myself, we have not lost faith to the team, even if we had to watch them go thru pain.

    Try to find your own.
    "If someone said to me that you can have three wishes, my first would have been to get into racing, my second to be in Formula 1, my third to drive for Ferrari" - Gilles Villeneuve

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingCharles View Post
    Well said!

    People just want an echo chamber where they can talk themselves into denial. Still the same bumbling mistakes, no updates coming and RB have already caught up.

    Look at 2010 - same **** we started off very strong and faded due to no updates and by the time we brought something it was too late. This time we dont have a team like Merc to take points off RB like we had McLaren back in 2010 to take points off RB.

    Marko has even said more updates are coming in Miami. RB's strategy has always been keep improving the car every race. Worked for them last year and the other years they won WDC/WCC.
    How about this :

    Look how many iterations of update, and how much money RB had to spend just to get close! You don't seem to understand that there is a cost cap this year, which makes you a fair weather fan at best.

    And when Maxipad won in Jedah he needed help from DRS and multiple safety cars!!

    And when Maxipad won in Imola, he also got help from lack of safety cars and Charles being stuck without DRS for half the race. If the DRS gets turned on earlier when Charles is in Chico's draft for 5 laps, it's a completely different race.

    Every race win, Max has gotten lucky.

    But luck evens out.

    Now stop trolling.
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