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Thread: Former Ferrari driver Tony Brooks has passed away

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    Former Ferrari driver Tony Brooks has passed away

    He died aged 90 yesterday on 3 May. Tony spent one year at Ferrari and made a huge impact, almost winning the 1959 world title for us and won at Reims and Avus in our car. This was during Grand Prix racing's most dangerous era with high speeds and literally no safety whatsoever so he was lucky to live a long life after he hung up the helmet and gloves. May he rest in peace and thanks for your contribution to the Scuderia family.

    With these sad news, all race winners of the 1950s have now passed away. The oldest World Championship Grand Prix to have been won by someone still alive was the 1965 Italian Grand Prix won by Jackie Stewart and the first Grand Prix won by a Ferrari driver still alive was Jacky Ickx winning the 1968 French Grand Prix.

    Time flies and we all are getting old.

    Once more, RIP Tony.
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    I also remembered him in the news and rumors thread earlier and I hope we're not the only two who
    pay their last respects. BBC reported too with a nice video of a very nice man mostly showing him in
    his Dino - obviously his time with Ferrari was the highlight of his carreer!

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    Those men of that era were something special. Is the team gonna do something nice to commemorate him?


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