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Thread: Ferrari strategy calls

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyss4k View Post
    Weird... I am fluent only in 2, yet I am understanding his post perfectly. Maybe you should have left some space in your brain for a bit of inteligence.
    Being disrespectful on your part is not a good sign of intelligence . Also bad spelling is not a good a sign either. Maybe one of your parents should check what you post on the computer while your still learning English etc. Enjoy the next race!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cavallino View Post
    Max would gain the same on Leclerc that he did.

    We all want to say Ferrari screwed it up, and threw away a sure fire 1-2 with Leclerc the winner, when I'm saying the conditions at play meant the conservative default strategy gets you a 1-3 with Sainz as the winner. Obviously we screwed up in other ways, with the Williams traffic bad luck, but i think a lot of people are mischaracterising what happened.
    Ferrari needs to be more proactive in their tire strat. Gasly and Seb were the first ones whom made the switch to inters and gained 4 seconds a lap...albeit with traffic. That's when Redbull reacted with Perez and the undercut.
    It's not how start but how you finish.

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    Ferrari should think of making some sacrifices for the sake of winning. If they had told Sainz to increase the gap from CL to 15 seconds every thing would be easier. You could risk Carlos but secure the first place. And if Carlos had kept Peres and Ver behind and closer to the pack i suppose Peres would have not chosen to pit even, because would have come out from pit at 7th or 8th position (its Monaco FGS). So we lost the game because we didn't have the Balls to make Bold decisions ..


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