What a boring race. Tire management, fuel management, brake management, engine management. If there was ever a race that could a Sprint Race, this was it.

Red Bull still maintains the best car. Max Verstappen, record breaking 14 wins so far. Sure in more races, but to be fair he didn't have a dominating car the entire year. Ferrari was arguably the better car for the first 6 or 7 races and Max still won 4 of those races. Perez the home town hero, it would have been pretty incredible to see him win the race, but lets be honest. He still is some ways off the level of Hamilton, let alone Verstappen. A podium does put him into 2nd in the championship though.

Mercedes is on the verge of being a race winning car. An incredible feat to be 1.5 seconds off the pace and now challenging for wins. All while conforming to a budget cap, right? Hamilton once again putting in the better performance though he did kind of push his teammate off the track. All fair given it was lap 1. Tire strategy might have made a difference, it sure would have been nice for the fans. Hard to say if it really would have mattered as Verstappen was cruising out front. George Russell wasn't all that impressive. He might have been right to want softs for his final stint. He did extend his first stint long and then still got put on hards after Hamilton was vocal about being a poor tire. Tough call.

Ferrari was in their there own league... in a bad way. The theory being they really turned the engines down and opened up the cooling ducts for reliability. It's not too often Sainz has a better result than Leclerc. Leclerc did complain of power issues in quali, unsure if that carried over to the race. Ferrari are now dangerously at risk of being overtaken by Mercedes in the WCC.

McLaren had a good day, closing in on Alpine in the WCC. Daniel Riccardo drove like a mad man and was the most exciting part of the race. Including his silly move on Tsunoda that warranted the 10 second penalty. Despite the penalty he stays in 7th place. It showed that the soft tires were a great choice in the final laps. Norris had to deal with brake issues, and perhaps the tire choices weren't optimal. Points is still a good day.

Alpine were certainly looking at double points. Alonso might not have been able to hold off Ricciardo, but he has shown some incredible defense in the past, so 7th was possible. Unfortunately he has such rotten luck. Ocon still a decent drive to get 8th, which is critical to their championship.

Alfa Romeo have to be satisfied to have a decent performing car. Bottas was the star of Qualifying, but didn't really have the car to hold position in the race. Maybe he could have done a better job to have a shot at 8th, but at this point the team will take any points they can get. Zhou has shown great pace in recent races, didn't have a strong race today.

AlphaTauri just missed out on points with a charging Gasly. Who knows where Tsunoda would have finished since up to the point of his DNF, everyone was sleeping.

Williams had a pretty good car in the thin air of Mexico. Albon a solid 12th place. Latifi drove bad, even for Latifi. Last I saw he was well over 1 minute behind his teammate.

Aston Martin had a super start but that was as good as was going to get. The car looked like a handful and wasn't kind on its tires. Vettel stayed in the fight, but it was just for 14th place, so it didn't mean much. Stroll, he finished behind Vettel. The end.

Haas might have turned their engines down and opened the ducts up the same as Ferrari, which makes sense since they have the same PU and same sidepod design. They didn't have a car to fight for anything. Mick did finish ahead of Magnussen which helps his chances at keeping his seat.

Driver of the Day: Daniel Ricciardo. Sure he caused a crash, deserved a penalty, and had a much better tire at the end, but at least he drove with an attempt to go fast and make passes.