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Thread: 2023 USA (Miami) Grand Prix - Practice & Qualifying Thread

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    sadly from Turkey

    The accident area was the corner where we lost a lot of time against Red Bull. Considering that he had an accident in that area during training, we can understand pushing for recovery at this point in this corner. but they should have found this limit in 2 days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wisepie View Post
    OK so it was an error by Charles but the car looks unstable at times and he was pushing like crazy, that's not really an excuse as Fred has said, but Charles, for your own sake, you don't have to get pole every time. We know why he does it, he's racer and we love him for it, but sometimes you have to be more circumspect.
    Charles will never change. It's simply who he is, a racer to the bone. That's also why he always blames himself and not the car or the team. Give the man a Fiat Punto and he will still try to win. He knows the car is not good enough, but what the car hasn't got, he tries to extract from himself. And because he is extremely talented, he sometimes succeeds in doing that. And then he tries again next time and he crashes. Then he blames himself and tries again next time. That's Charles. We have had a driver like that before and we loved him too because he was like that. That's why Charles reminds me of Gilles sometimes.
    The year Ferrari builds a car that can do it, Charles will be champion. No doubt. Till that time, we have to accept that he goes over the line every now and then.
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    Charles is prepared for self destruction it is who he is as they say you have to risk it for the biscuit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paolo lalli View Post
    Charles is prepared for self destruction it is who he is as they say you have to risk it for the biscuit.
    I hope he learns to turn off the self destruct button soon for all of our sakes but especially his own.

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    No need to be aggressive at start. Plenty of DRS straight to get to the front. This track will kill tires especially Ferrari's.

    Expect safety car. I hope the racing is going to be better than Baku.

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    Just watching football on Sky and they showed hamilton arriving at the track wearing I have no idea what

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cavallino View Post
    i think he overdrove the track more than anything else, which you have to do when you have to get all the time you can in the corners because you're chasing a car that gets a half second on you every straight away
    I don't buy this explanation anymore. There are 17 other cars out there that are slower than RB but you don't see them being over-driven for better grid slots. As driver you should always drive at the limit of your car, never over.
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