A classic track that still provides good racing. The element of weather is always a threat and it makes things more interesting. From about 8th to 17th the order changed a lot throughout the race, which was fun to watch.

Red Bull Racing dominated as expected. In Friday qualifying where we knew Max was taking a grid penalty, it appeared Max wanted to prove a point of just how fast he could go. He slaughtered the field and he didn't even seem to come close to his maximum in the race and still won by 22 seconds. Perez got the only result that would have been acceptable for him. It was shown right away when he passed Leclerc with ease, that the Red Bull was untouchable.

Ferrari get a welcome podium. A bit of a shock to see the car performing that well. Leclerc drove good, probably was the difference to keeping Hamilton comfortably behind. Sainz appeared to be completely at fault for his own DNF when pinching Piastri, but the onboards suggest a racing incident and no penalties were the right call. Similar to Perez in the Sprint race, a hole in the sidepod killed the performance and it shows just how sensitive and vital the sidepods are to the speed of this generation of car.

Mercedes deserve a load of credit this year for despite plenty of struggles, always get a good result on Sundays. Hamilton probably had his best weekend in terms of being a sizeable gap ahead of George Russell. George was off all weekend but managed a great result with all things considering.

Aston Martin finally looking a little bit better. Their TP saying its taking them several races just to analyze why their performance dropped off. Rather poor internal performance since it has been a month and a half since they brought their big upgrade, and in that time they have dropped like a stone. Alonso was an ace today and got the most out of the car. Stroll fought through some tough moments and perhaps didn't have the optimal strategy and scored a couple points which is helpful.

McLaren definitely made a mistake with the wing package they put on. Perhaps a byproduct of only having one practice session. The wing levels were just way too high, and they had no straight line performance at all. It's almost a miracle that Lando finished 7th. Tough one Piastri as for the first time he looked to be genuinely ahead of Norris this weekend.

Alpine had some pretty good pace. Ocon had some marvelous overtakes and really earned that 8th place. For a while, Gasly appeared to be the faster Alpine driver, but a slow pitstop seemed to really compromise his race.

AlphaTauri had one of their better races. Tsunoda had one of his best races. During the brief wet conditions he was flying. Ricciardo hopefully not back to the McLaren version where a good performance is a rare occurrence. True the car has likely been developed around Yuki, but if Ricciardo can't beat him, then he needs to pack up and go to Indycar.

Alfa Romeo did solid job but the car is just too slow. It's hard to see these bottom teams not able to improve the car with all the wind tunnel time that they have. Bottas was their best driver this weekend, but Zhou really improved as the race went on.

Williams looked to be in the fight for points with Albon. He had some outstanding moments for what the car was giving him. Hard to pin point where they went wrong, as the car didn't look particularly slow against their main rivals. Just the result wasn't there.

Haas was the worst team but they weren't running their own lonely race in the back. They had a long shot at points as well. It was fun, yet hard to follow how the bottom 4 teams changed positions throughout the entire race.

Driver of the Day: Max Verstappen. When you obliterate the field while pushing only 80-90% of your capabilities. Coming from 6th and cruising to a 22 second gap over your teammate in the same car. It's a different level that very very few can ever touch. Honorary mention to Lando Norris for finishing 7th in a car with a parachute wing.