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Luca di to become President once again

It is soon to be officially announced that Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, Ferrari's president, will become the president of Italian Manufacturers' Association (Confindustria).

His effort in being president was even easier after the retirement of the previous president, Nicola Tognana, a person who had participated in rallies with Ferrari, and won the Italian championship in 1982. After the heavy defeat in the voting of AssoLombardia, he decided not to be a candidate for the next elections of "Confindustria" because: "The Confindustria must not be worn away in a battle to the last vote for the nomination of its next president. Because of that, to forehead of the last developments of the consultation and, above all, the pronouncement of Assolombarda, I have decided to withdraw my candidacy ", auguring also a "Good Job" for Montezemolo.

Piero Fassino has declared to Reuters "It seems to me as an optimal candidacy. Having the fortune to know Luca di Montezemolo personally since many years I know that he is a man in a position to represent the Italian entrepreneurship well and holding account of the various ones sensibilities and requirements that our entrepreneurial system expresses".

Now Luca di Montezemolo will have a second priority in his workforce. As well as being Ferrari's president he will also become president of the Italian Manufactures' Association. Some would say that this will be bad for Ferrari because Luca will be concentrated in his workforce for Confindustria and he will leave aside a bit his workforce at Ferrari. I don't think so. Luca has given all his life for Ferrari. He was born in 1947. A sign of fate? I don't know. But i know that 1947 was the year that the first Ferrari car appeared. His family lived in a small villa south of Bologna. Later, he became a law student at the University of Rome. It was then that he firstly developed his interest in cars, entering rallies with a Fiat 124 and sometimes taking part in the San Remo Rally. In the rallying world he met Jean Todt, a young man who was a navigator of Hannu Mikkola and Cesare Fiorio.

His first contact with Enzo Ferrari seems again as a sing of fate...He appeared in a popular radio programme, Chiamate Roma 3131, talking about the fortunes of Ferrari grand prix team. Enzo Ferrari was sometimes hearing at the radio when he was writting letters and he heard the programme. Three days later, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo received a package in the post. It was a copy of Ferrari's memoir Le mie gioie terribili, inscribed by Enzo: "To Luca di Montezemolo, who has the courage of his words and his actions". Luca left to America to study international relations at Columbia University.

Over Christmas of 1972, Luca went home in Bologna and telephoned Ferrari to request a meeting. Enzo's response was: "I need someone like you. It's a pity you are going back to America". Luca decided to give up his courses and in June 1973 he returned to Italy for his first day's work at Maranello, as direttore sportivo! There were several gossips for Luca these days, like that he was already a Fiat appointment, or even a member of the Agnelli clan. Luca denied all these rumours.

He made many good moves during his presence at Maranello. He is the man who brought back to the team Mauro Forghieri, he is the man who decided to bring Niki Lauda to the team, he was the man who guided the team to F1 World titles with Niki Lauda in 1975 and 1977, he is then man who from November 1991 guided the company to a gold financial status as chairman and managing director of Ferrari SpA, he is the man who achieved the ambition of thousand Tifosi allover the world, of winning the Formula 1 World Championship again after years.

Maybe he will remain as Ferrari's president keeping helping her, maybe Jean Todt will become one day Ferrari's president, maybe Piero Ferrari, maybe...who knows? All these seems to me like signs of fate, so I believe that his presidency of Confindustria will fill another page in Ferrari's golden history.


Theodoros Dragonas