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Ferrari Factory

Enzo Ferrari founded Scuderia Ferrari, in viale Trento e Trieste in Modena in 1929, with the purpose of helping members compete in motor races. In Alfa Romeo cars racing activities, continued until 1938. Two years later, Enzo Ferrari split with Alfa Romeo and founded Auto Avio Costruzioni Ferrari, in the old Scuderia Ferrari headquarters, to manufacture machine tools.

A promise of non-competition did not deter (which prevented Enzo Ferrari from building cars using his own name for four years), the company from beginning to study and design a racing car. The first racing car was an 8- cylinder 1500 cc open car known as the 815, two of these cars were built to take part in the 1940 Mille Miglia. World War II put an end to racing activities.

In 1943 the workshops moved from Modena to Maranello.

After the war, the company changed its name to Ferrari and went on to design the 125 Sport, a 12-cylinder, 1500 cc car which Franco Cortese drove on the Piacenza circuit on May 11, 1947. The car made a good debut and led the race on the last lap but had to retire. Two weeks later in Cortese the 125 Sport won the Rome Grand Prix.

Since then, the company's cars have been driven by the best drivers, they have won over 5,000 events on race tracks and road tracks, the name of Ferrari is now a racing legend. The most important achievements have been 9 Formula 1 Drivers' World titles, 14 Manufacturers' World titles, 8 Formula 1 Constructors' World Championships, 9 wins at the Le Mans 24 Hours race, 8 at the Mille Miglia, 7 at the Targa Florio, and, up to the end of 1999, 125 wins in Formula 1 Grand Prix's.

Enzo Ferrari sold 50% of the company to the Fiat Group in 1969, this was to meet growing market demand, The Fiat investment increased to 90% in 1988.

Evolution of the Company name
September 1939: Auto Avio Costruzioni, owned by Enzo Ferrari
16 October 1957: Auto Costruzioni Ferrari
23 May 1960: SocietÓ Esercizio Fabbriche Automobili e Corse - SEFAC S.p.A.
13 November 1965: Ferrari S.p.A. Esercizio Fabbriche Automobili e Corse
23 June 1989: Ferrari S.p.A.

Contact Ferrari
Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro
Ferrari S.p.A.
Caselle Postale 589
Via Emilia 1163
I-41100 Modena, Italy

Gestione Sportiva (Racing Department)
Until 1981 Ferrari racing car were built at Maranello. In 1982 a plant was built next to the Fiorano test track specifically for the design and production of Formula 1 cars. Racing car components are also manufactured in the main plant, particularly in the Composite and Foundry and Ges Mechanic Departments.

The Fiorano track
The Fiorano track was built in 1972 in an area adjacent to the plant. The original circuit, which still exists, measured 3 km, but a variant introduced in 1996 (a fast bend to replace a sharp corner at the end of the pit straight) shortened the total length by 24 meters. It is equipped with closed circuit television, electronic timing and telemetry, and it is used for tests and trials on Formula 1 and GT cars.

In 1988 Ferrari bought the Mugello international racetrack near Florence, renovating the structure, track and facilities for tests and races. Today Mugello is one of the loveliest circuits in the world, and it hosts top level car and motorbikes events, ad well as being chosen by several manufacturers as an ideal setting for their development tests. The course is 5,245 meters long. Both Fiorano and Mugello tracks belong entirely to Ferrari S.p.A.

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