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Mario Almondo

Mario AlmondoMario Almondo replaced Ross Brawn as Technical Director of the Ferrari F1 team in October 2006, but not much is known about him. Mario graduated in Industrial Managerial Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano sometime before 1989. Mario graduated in Industrial Managerial Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano sometime before 1989. He then went on to briefly lecture in mechanical technologies before completing military service as a lieutenant in the Carabinieri in 1991.

Mario joined the famous Ferrari marque at the end of 1991, initially working for two years as a mechanical technology department engineer, with responsibility for machining, assembly, foundry and engine test benches. Between 1993 and 1994 Mario became responsible for the organisation first of the Road Car Division and then for the Motor Sport Division of Ferrari, later becoming the personnel manager for the Motor Sports Division.

In 1995 Mario was promoted to become the industrial Director and Chief of Operations, a role which he fulfilled for just over 10 years with overall responsibility for quality, industrialisation and production of composites and mechanical components, as well as purchasing and information technology. In 1996 Mario was briefly reassigned to become the Head of Human Resources and Organisation at Ferrari in preparation for his role of Technical Director which he was promoted to in October 2006 after it was announced Ross Brawn was taking a sabbatical for the year.

The appointment to Technical Director of a man who has had no visible active involvement at the races in F1 has been seen by some as a highly controversial decision by Ferrari and only time will tell if it has been a successful move by the Scuderia to replace Ross. We do know that Marioís role as Technical Director was slightly different to the role Ross Brawn had, as responsibility for trackside operations fell to Rossís protegee Luca Baldisserri.

At the end of the 2007 F1 season, Ferrari announced another technical and management organisational reshuffle which has seen Mario take up the role as Director of Operations for the F1 team.

Mario has two children, Marco and Matteo. He enjoys the arts, soccer, sport and cycling.

Profile thanks to - MrsBaldo and FerrariFan

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