• Ferrari F1 FAQ

    Q. When was Enzo Ferrari born and when did he die?
    A. Enzo Ferrari was born in February the 18th 1898 in the town of Modeno, Italy. The great man passed away on August the 14th 1988 in the town of his birth.

    Q. Where and when were Ferrari formed?
    A. Ferrari were founded in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari in Modeno, Italy.

    Q. Where and when did Ferrari win their first ever Grand Prix?
    A. Ferrari's first ever grand prix victory came in the 1951 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Argentina's Froilan Josè Gonzalez at the wheel.

    Q. When did Ferrari win their first Constructor's Title?
    A. Ferrari's first world constructor's title was won in the 1961 season with 40 points being enough to secure success.

    Q. When did Ferrari win their first Drivers Title and who was the driver?

    A. Alberto Ascari was the first driver to secure a drivers title for the Scuderia in 1952 with a total of six wins.

    Q. What's the story behind the Prancing Horse emblem?
    A. The emblem dates back to a world war one pilot by the name of Francesco Baracca who died in action. In a meeting after a race win with the pilots family they asked Enzo to use the emblem to bring him luck in races, and that's what he did, although he changed the background to canary yellow to signify the colour of Modena.

    Q. What does the word Scuderia mean?
    A. The term Scuderia dates back to the Middle Ages in the Italian language, it used to refer to a place where racing horses were kept. Now these racing horses are racing cars and the term Scuderia Ferrari remains.

    Q. Why are Ferrari's red?
    A. Ferrari's red comes about due to the way the sport began, where each country was assigned a colour and the red for Ferrari has remained. Red was assigned to Italian cars, Green to English, Blue to France and so on. Canary yellow as seen on the Prancing Horse emblem could be classed as Ferrari's official colour as it symbolised the town of Modena.

    Q. What does 'Tifosi' mean?

    A. Tifosi is an Italian word to describe a group of fans that are deeply passionate about their team. A single fan would be described as Tifoso. Also used is a female version of the word with Tifosa being the singular version and Tifose being the plural.

    Q. What is the record number of podium positions in a row for the Ferrari team?
    A. 53 races saw a Ferrari at least take a place on the podium. Between the Malaysian GP in 1999 through to the Japanese Grand Prix of 2002. A record that surely will never be bettered!

    Q. Drivers titles and Constructor's title's, how many have belonged to Ferrari?
    A. Currently Ferrari has taken 16 constructor championships, with 15 driver titles also to their name.

    Q. What has been the worst and best season's in Ferrari's history?

    A. 1980 will probably be remembered as the worst season for Ferrari, finishing the season in 10th place with a total of 8 points, although in 1969 they scored just seven points which remains the lowest total of points scored by the team in any single season. Best season for Ferrari in terms of constructor points came in the 2004 season when they took the title by amassing a total of 262 points.

    Q. What is the current lap record for the Fiorano test track?
    A. The lap record for modern times is 55.999 set by Michael Schumacher in the F2004 on February 1st 2004.

    Q. How do I contact Ferrari?
    A. Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro
    Ferrari S.p.A.
    Caselle Postale 589
    Via Emilia 1163
    I-41100 Modena, Italy

    Q. I am planning a visit to Maranello do you have any information on what to expect?
    A: Map and guide to Maranello from SuffolkBen - here