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    Welcome to TheScuderia.net let us introduce you to the history behind the site and how we got to where we are today.

    Well the site in general started back in 1998 when I first got online and during some lessons at college my mate was messing about with some free website on tripod so I decided to give it a go and made a horrendous looking site that had a few pages on various subjects and one about Ferrari. And I guess it just took over from that one page, I decided to learn more about HTML and not to use those horrible templates that free places give you, to learn I basically looked at other sites, copied their HTML coding and began to understand the basics.

    So anyway that's the beginnings of the site, so when I joined a new ISP they were offering free domain names for joining so I got ferrari-f1.co.uk and made a site on there, was pretty decent I guess, never had a forum or anything just a site. Then I got contacted by Rivals.net who were setting up a big sports network and F1 was included and they asked me to join them and do the Ferrari site, I accepted and that's when things got a bit bigger for the site.

    Rivals put in a fair bit of money to the network and gave us a lot of publicity, I was even in my local paper and asked to write an article for a national paper in Scotland, and was on the local radio, all very glamorous I am sure you will agree! It was at Rivals that the community started to build as it was the first time I had a forum on my site, and to be honest it was very hard at first to build a Ferrari loving community and when I remember the days of 3 posts a day it makes today's thriving and ever growing forum seem even better. Rivals also taught me a lot about writing articles and being able to voice my opinions, Frank Hopkinson who was our F1 sites manager was a great help to me in learning me a little about writing and spelling!

    So then it turned sour with Rivals, they spent more than they were earning and it was only the Football sites (English) that were making them money so we were basically kicked off the network, luckily for us a good man called John Wards was also on Rivals and did a Scottish football site, he was so mad at Rivals that he set up his own network and welcomed all ex-Rivals publishers to use his network for free. I took John up on that offer and the site was successful once again, actually without John Wards and Sportsnetworks then I am not sure if the site would even be here today so I will always remember that!

    So now we are here, why? well because I basically wanted more overall control of the site and to be more free to make my own decisions, and also to break away from the network side of things and go it alone as others had done after Rivals. So basically that's how we got from a single page with a horrible style to the site you see today, its been quite a journey for me and all our regular visitors who without then this site would not be as big as it is today.

    So what can you expect from TheScuderia.net?

    News – News is our daily bread and butter. Ferrari generates so much news that keeping track of who said what is quite a tricky task. Our forums are the place to keep right up to date with everything happening.

    Your Opinions – The opinions of our fellow Tifosi are very much welcomed on this site. Pay a visit to our forums or our community page to see where you can have your say. Be it a small comment on the forum or an article written for the site then every opinion is welcomed and very much appreciated.

    That’s about it, so thank you for visiting us, thank you for even reading this page. And oh yeah....................... Forza Ferrari

    The not so small print - This site is 100% unofficial and has no connections whatsoever with Ferrari Spa.